Sofitel Philadelphia Hosted Wild Beauty Party – No Animals Were Harmed in The Making

Hotel Sofitel Philadelphia recently hosted a Wild Beauty of the Savannes Art Exhibit launch party.  Still life paintings from Marianne Maury-Kauffman were unveiled as guests enjoyed hors d’oeuvres  and drinks.  


It was the official opening reception for” Savannes”, the new exhibition of art on display in the lobby until Fall 2014. The art was curated by G&O Art Agents. The artist’s name is Marianne Maury Kaufmann and she is from France. 

 Tim Unruh and Donna O’Brien, Beautiful Blooms. You’ll recall at the Qatar Airways it was their gorgeous flowers you saw throughout the Ritz-Carlton decorating the tables.
Amy Borick, Karen Armezzani, and Tim Borick.
Sandy Goldberg and Curtis

Raed and Patricia.

Jessie Cute and Anthony Geistwite, Associate Director of Sales at Sofitel Philadelphia
Ghenadie Burlacu , G & O ART LLC (They curated the show), Sharon
and Michele Waters.

Aggarwal, Nicole Paloux, and
Sofitel General Manager Vincent Vienne.

Sharon Pinkenson and Patricia.
Mike Sanwald, Max Toth, and Matt Caggia.
Angela Bauer, Michele Waters,
and Daniele L. Thomas Easton
of France – Philadelphia.

Kira Horton and Nicole
from Saks 5th Ave.

Odile Gorse and Ghenadie

Emily Nichols of the Barnes
Foundation and Vincent Vienne.

The art is inspired by the natural beauty of northern Africa. The event
was a cocktail party for art enthusiasts and Philadelphia VIPs. They sampled
new Spring cocktails from Liberte Lounge and hors d’oeuvres from the new
Spring menu.

Janet Hall, Kim Gasper, Keli
Wallace, Stefanie Krajcsobicz, and Kristine Kiphorn.

Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown and Gail Y. Bennett.

Vincent Vienne, Michele
Waters, Ghenadie Burlacu, Pierre Jotterand, and Angela Bauer.

Odile Gorse and Ghenadie

But don’t worry if you missed the opening the exhibit will continue at Sofitel’s Liberte Lounge through the fall. 
(Thanks to Mike Hirata for shooting this client event for PCC)