Good Friday Prayers that Philadelphians Say – And the Fairmount Park Angel Tree (No chopping it down please.)

Every Good Friday my father had my 7 siblings kneel and say a prayer. I wished I had written it down. I asked my followers on FB and Twitter if they knew it. These are the responses. The first one is from Pat Ciarrocchi, who is 1 degree separate from the Pope, and knows the Catholic religion traditions like no other priest. I’ve been through a couple Pope picks with her, and she knows her stuff.

My Lord Jesus, I humbly beg of thee by the merits of the Most Precious Blood, by they paiful Passion and  cruel death and the love of they Sacred Heart, assist me and mind in all our present necessities.
33x btw 12-3 – shared this
(Do you see the Angel tree I snapped in Fairmount Park last week?)
my sweet Jesus by the pains of the cruel wounds and death on the cross
grant me this request. Say this 33 times between 12-3 then ask for your
request. – Janine (my sister)

 Oh my Lord Jesus
I humbly beg of thee by
the merits of thy Precious
Blood and by the Divine Heart
and by the intercession of
thy cruel death to assist
me in my present necessity
(Make Your Request)
Say: 33 times from 12:00 noon
to 3:00 pm