Daniel Gafanhoto: From Rio to Brotherly Love Opening Night Party Photos & Gala Info

The International House is exhibiting photos of “Daniel Gafanhoto: From Rio to Brotherly Love” Recently IH had the opening party for the exhibit in keeping with the theme of the 53rd Global
Gala: Colors of Brazil

James M Papada, Chair of the Board and Tanya Steinberg, President & CEO of International House

Louis Padulo and Erik Nordgren
Camila DeMattos, Saba Pasha and Jessica DeSabato

A fine-art photographer who works digitally,
Daniel Gafanhoto photographs and processes cityscapes in a very personal way, as a demonstration
of the places he has lived and visited. He believes that a place can show a lot
about a person, sometimes even more than a portrait, and feel that the ways
cities influence people are more striking than an individual character alone.

Nadia Kunz and Diane Litten
James Phimister, Justin Miller and Bill Parker
Gary Baker, Faith Tucker and Joel Grantham
Stoops and Javel Saudades
International House Philadelphia’s 53rd Global Gala: Colors of Brazil is
channeling the rhythm of Carnaval for its main event on May 17th, and
there is no better time to celebrate this amazing country! In the past
year alone, Philadelphia took part in a Brazilian trade mission, which
successfully brought new Brazilian business to our region while
introducing Brazil to our historic city of Brotherly Love. With a direct
flight from Philadelphia to Brazil on US Airways starting this year,
its not a moment too soon as Brazil will host the World Cup this summer,
and in two short years, the Summer Olympics. Brazil has long been the
jewel of South America, and now it is opening itself up to the rest of
the world.