Friday night I stopped by Philadelphia Eagles Jeremy Maclin at Prime Stache in Old City.
to wish Jeremy Maclin a happy birthday.

Jeremy invited me to take some photos. I said who would you like to pose with his defensive line:
Evan Mathis and Jason Kelce 
Jay Amin, Meesh Merlini, Drew Carballo (hosted the party for Jeremy), Marissa Frommer
A few ladies were on hand
This was a low key, laid back party. I appreciate the invite, especially to hang out and catch up with everyone, so I didn’t work hard to catch everyone’s name. What I did notice is a team that enjoys each others company. In years gone by I’ve photographed many private players parties, and they were crazy, some drama filled. This was a bunch of friends really enjoying each others company. Chip Kelly arrived near midnight, after a night of draft picking, something I really didn’t understand until this year when I followed Michael Sam’s draft pick. 
Chip and Jeremy spent a good amount of time chatting; he no doubt noticed the healthy food being served and the size of the cake created by Sweets Bake Shop. Chip’s whipping this team into shape. All the players told me that they are working out, conditioning and getting plenty of sleep.
Chip has the players wearing sleep wrist bands to measure their sleeping, and making sure everyone gets plenty of rest. Recently there’s been a lot of studies on the importance of sleep, and this is not lost on Chip.  It seems that all the players are making appearances at local charities in the area, as well as supporting each others ventures; follow my twitter to see which events are coming up, many of them being golf outings.
Gervase Peterson, Andrea Martin, Ray Martin, 
Gervase’s company Burnz is one of the sponsors for 
6/6/14 6PM

  Former Miss Philadelphia 2013 – Francesca Ruscio and Laura Traub
Jacky Wright and Cassandra Wright (she recently launched Chosen, her apparel line.)
DJ Arun spinning
Mike, Brittany Conner, Nick Albater
There were a few other player who arrived in waves, but after about an hour I put my camera away cause as a photographer/guest I could tell it was time. So there are no Riley Cooper & Chip Kelly pics, and a few others folks who came in singing and high fiving their friends.
I do want to say is how great is it that out of all our professional sports players, the Eagles seem to stay in the off season. They open business’, buy homes and support our charities. Thanks.
Danielle Cohn and Marisa Magnatta (not pictured Christie Honigman, who was getting me a diet coke, then ran into a friend to chat.)
Quarterback Nick Foles (L) and some players. You know I don’t really watch sports, but it’s on my bucket list this year to change that.

Impressive wing span of Brent Celek

Elizabeth Dee and Todd Herremans (newly engaged)
Arthur Scena, Drew “The Mayor” Carballo , Jason Kelce (Is his nickname Bear?)

Sam Tarlo (cousin), J Jones, Marcus Harris (New York giants), Lesean Mccoy (Don’t call me shady now that DeSean is gone), Connor Barwin (Hes making an appearance Saturday night at the International House Gala. I’m running a contest for tickets HERE.), Bernard Hopkins (light heavy
weight champ. He and his wife Brooklyn are in my May PhillyMag column this month.), Jeremy Maclin, The Mayor, Brent Celek