PIXS: Notable Rittenhouse Square Institution Hosts Boys Latin School’s “For Arts Sake”

Earlier this month quite an impressive crowd turned out to support Boys Latin School’s “For Arts Sake” event at the Ethical Society. 

While you’re checking out the pixs, listen to this over view about Boys Latin.
Co-Chairs: Amy Williams
Guidi, Phoebe Schuh, Camilla Herrera, and Shannon Zimalong.


 Kelli Czajkowski and Board Member Phoebe Schuh.
Scott Sheldon and Amanda Howell.
Bethany Younkers and Phoebe
offer raffle tickets.

Shannon Zimalong, Matt Schuh,
and Amy Williams Guidi.

Matt Schuh speaks.

Evelyn Cintron and Jeffrey

Nicholas Pascale and Naimah

Tricia Maloney, Camilla Herrera, Crawford Hamilton and
Samantha Ohrem.
City Councilman Kenyatta
and Dawn Chavous.

Joziah Green.

Samantha Levine and Carly Ackerman.
Scott Sheldon.

 It is our mission to provide
opportunities for students to achieve their personal best, become
responsible and productive citizens, and embrace lifelong learning in a
safe and positive environment. We believe all children can learn and
excel with developmentally appropriate materials, practices, and
strategies. School is not just about children: it encompasses families,
parents, community, stakeholders, society, the environment and beyond.

Christa Guidi, John McGlinn,
Kelli Czajkowski, and Liz Guidi.

 In April I covered the fun “Old Bags Night at Nieman Marcus” for Boys Latin.
Boys Latin and Girls High Students: Anonda, Demetria,
Samira, and Isa.

Dennis Carlisle and Nicholas Pascale.
Principal Dr. Noah Tennant,
Dr. Priscilla Sands,
and John Berg.

Katherine Fraser and Lily

Proceeds from the event
will benefit the Performing Arts program Boys’ Latin.  Founded in 2007, the rigorous college
preparatory school boasts a track record of unparalleled success, including a
99% four-year graduation rate and an 84% college enrollment rate.  Members of the past three graduated
classes are currently enrolled in prestigious schools including The University
of Pennsylvania, Williams College, Colgate University, Tufts University and
Bates College.