Over the weekend Mike Toub (hubby), Kory Aversa (bff) and I headed to NYC on an invite from Tony Luke, Jr to attend the premiere screening of his new Spike TV show “FrankenFood”

at TAO downtown. We got to enjoy some of the food that was going to appear on the show and it was delicious.

Mike, Robin Austin and Tony Bruno at Tao

Dr. Dan PIccillo and Alyssa Piccillo

 Michelle and
Kelley Gaglioti, co-owner of Joseph Anthony Salon

Tony Luke Jr, guest and Josh Capon

 Maria and Tony Luke Jr.
#frankenfood check it out bringing the fun back in food shows!!! @spiketv @frankenfood starts june 22nd 10pm


The next day I had my national debut on Good Morning America (I look like a drowned rat.) That’s Kory on the left with the teal phone taking a photo.
Then they swing the desk around and it looks like they’re filming from the 2nd floor. If you look closely on the left you can see it’s really the first floor as there are umbrellas there.
This week Philly’s favorite weather team duo are taking New York, yes 6ABC’s Cecily Tynan and Adam Joseph’s are doing the weather this week on “Good Morning America”. Cecily is there Monday thru Wed, Adam Thursday and Friday.  I shot Cecily on Monday morning doing a hit in the pouring rain, but looking flawless.
Celeb watching tip: The studio for Good Morning America. On the far right is the window where we look into the studio, and where the personalities come out and do their spots. One the left where the maroon umbrella is, is the stage door where you can see the talent arrive and depart. If you want to meet them just stand near the door. Most stop to take selfies, sign autographs or at least wave.

A nice dry spot to look at Today with Kathie Lee and Hoda

The weather was wicked in the morning, but I saw a lot of beauty around me.

When we went to pick up our car at Myers Parking Garage, they told us they lost our car. That was the most bizarre thing to happen to moi. After about 30 minutes they found it after Mike gave them our extra key so they could go through the 7 story garage and chirp the car. I married the right guy.

 Much nicer later when we were leaving town.

 We stopped at Magnolia Bakery, made famous by Sarah Jessica Parker and friends in Sex and the City. When I first moved to NYC 8 years ago, I had to try the cupcakes made famous on the show. They were terrible.

Kory Aversa saw the shop and was so excited to try a cupcake. I felt validated when he finished and said “That was the worst cupcake I ever had.” It just goes to show you how influential good PR is.