Russell Simmons was in town to Chat ADD52 Chat w/QDeezy & do some YOGA

I used to run into Music mogul and longtime yogi, Russelll Simmons in NYC. He was always super nice, regular guy and friendly. We got to know each other on a first name basis as he lived near me and I saw him walking on the street a lot. He was in Philly Monday and this morning he took a yoga class at Philly Power Yoga & Thrive Pilates at 2016 Walnut

 He made the reservation online
and came in smiling as is his MO. He join a yoga class of about 30 people. 

What started as a way for him to meet hot girls gave way to a passion that has changed his life, and he hopes, the lives of others. He
recently published a new book, Success Through Stillness, that
offers his breakdown of meditation made easy—making it an invaluable
tool that’s accessible to anyone, anywhere, Russell Simmons style.
He stopped by Mitchell & Ness on Monday to chat about ADD52 – the music discovery platform for unsigned artists created by him & in partnership with and

 QDeezy Show w/ Russell Simmons, @Tvyyib & @steverifkind #107.9

Russell Simmons has a pretty inspirational twitter account with great words of wisdom in between his obsession with the Kardashian’s

@Tvyyibat Milk Studios in Philadelphia yesterday.
Then it was back to NYC for Simmons where:
Uncle Rush is developing NEW MUSIC with & “Or Nah (Remix)”