Wizard World at the Pennsylvania Convention Center – Inside Stuff

Yesterday I headed to the Wizard World at the Pennsylvania Convention Center unfortunately it’s the only day I could enjoy as I am  booked solid this weekend. But I love love going, seeing the fans who are so enthusiastic. It makes my year. Go today, definitely go tomorrow. Plan to go next year. Here’s a little bit what you’ll see, but it’s barely the tip of the iceberg. One more thing, the fans are so friendly, you will make friends and the celebs are glad to see you too.

From Revenge of the Nerds: Brian Tochi and Curtis Armstrong
Immediately as I walked through the door I ran into Ed who told me he watches me on Fox 29. Hi Ed, Thanks!!

Everything begins in Hall F, which is located at 11th and Arch Streets

Love this, but first of all isn’t she too big for that baby carriage?

Flux Capacitor – for $20 you can get a photo

Go here to buy a chance to get autographs & photos with your favorite star.

Wait in line here for the VIP Meet & Greets. Not too bad at 3PM Friday.

#Nerds are sexy

I love all the different character poses

#Nerd boys love #Nerd Girls

Light Saver Sales

Philly Film Girl and Friend. She’s moving to NC to live on base with her man, she’s a married girl now.

David Boreanaz‎

David Boreanaz VIP ticket only $349

Bella Twins walking to their signing.

There was a serious VH1 Production team following them

They walked fast.

This was hysterical 

This was the only shot I got as their security was tight with their no pixs allowed.

It’s always fun to shoot the happy fans. 

 Google Glass, and I guess that guy was tired of holding his briefcase or wanted to look silly on the VH1 tape

 See the guard staring me down as I “shoot this from the hip.”

I think this is Lauren Cohan

This guy really got into his character 

These peeps were in line for Karen Gillan

I should have picked up one of these

Last night the Walking Dead gang had dinner at Barclay Prime. Looks like their carnivorous too.
Michael Rooker is on left and Scott Wilson is posing with the fan.

Lou Ferrigno (Actor – The Incredible Hulk; The King of Queens; Hercules)

The VIP Lines are down at 3PM

At the end of my day, 5PM, the lines for the VIP Meet & Greets were filling up.