G is for GOODBYE

A chapter of my life is closing. In December 2007 (six months after I started PhillyChitChat), a HOT new club opened in Philly called G Lounge. I had been covering the Philly scene for about 6 months, but was mostly covering random musings, local film festivals, and a few charity events, as I continued to travel to NYC to photograph celebrities on the red carpet and at their new hot dance club openings. (As well as work my 9-5 Paralegal job.)

At the time I was a contributor to Michael Klein’s tidbit & gossip column in the Phila Inquirer called “Inqlings”,
Michael got me on the press list of the hot new club opening called “G
Lounge”, it was a Nicole Cashman event. It was the first time I met her. I was very excited because up to
that time I couldn’t get passed the Cashman velvet rope at any of her
Brian Freedman, Laura Burkhardt and Nicole Cashman

Guest, Dave Warren, John Clark and Gervase Peterson

Jared Poe, Lindsay Kravitz, Danielle Poe, and Aly Green

GN Kang
Bottle service


The 2nd Anniversary party with Playmate
Jayde Nicole and Jessica Hall
Brett Milstein and Steve Titleman flank Drew “The Mayor” Carballo
 DeSean Jackson’s Welcome To Philadelphia Party
 Aly Green

 A GPPN Happy Hour
The Vault
Kade Out

Snoop Dogg held court in The Vault at least three times in the past 7 years.

 I ran into Miley Cyrus down there

Lance Bass with The 400 PTM

Niel Patrick Harris filmed a movie outside of G Lounge

Carol Tamburino, Jamie Foxx and Sabrina Tamburino (Not Thorne yet, at her 30th bday party at G Lounge)

The Lingerie Football Team held their kickoff party there.
After a few years there was dance bar competition nearby, and it began to siphon off the crowds.
G Lounge reinvented itself hosting various parties, promoting parties, renting itself out for events
like this “Ready for Hillary” party and so many others that I attended.
Then there was the super fun RAW Artist events co-hosted by Erin Como and Frederick Calalang 
and later by Maria Papadakis.
This Saturday, June 28, 2014
Come by and say goodbye to G Lounge.
(G is actually for Govberg who are the majority owner of G Lounge.)