Rapper Wale Puts on a Whale of a Concert for HIV Prevention Awareness for Philadelphia Fight and CHOP

Grammy nominated hip hop artist Wale headlined a
free concert on National HIV Testing Day for over 1,500 youth’s who
were tested in advance of the show. Philadelphia FIGHT and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia wanted to
motivate hundreds of young people to get tested for HIV by offering a
free Hip Hop Concert on National HIV Testing Day.

  The mission
is to have youth understand how important it is to know their status
and to have safe sex.

Over 2,000 youths were tested last Friday.
Nearly 1,000 showed up for the concert at the Trocadero

  Other acts performing included Arsin

 and home town
favorite Chill Moody.
Chill Moody destined to become a big star in the next few years. Plus he’s a nice guy.

Rapper Wale told the crowd he’s been busy created his new CD

  The list of testing sites is found: