Samantha Trasatti Shares Her Tip with Pups and People

You might have read, or seen on local TV news about the good Samaritan that left $5,000 in tips to a server and $2,000 to bartender Samantha Trasatti at Rouge in Rittenhouse Square.

Samantha Trasatti took the tip and threw herself a 30th Birthday Party with gifts/proceeds going to PAWS 
When the last bit of confetti was swept away, over $2,500 was raised for the animal organization ( and having a helluva good time in the process.)

Camac Street (next to U Bar) was closed and the party commenced with a golden theme. 
(Do you know what Camac spells backwards?)
Friends from all walks of life came by to support Sam Trasatti
 Tommy George, Jo Trasatti, Szymon Bykowski


Jessica Webster (Newly blond), Caryn Kunkle, Saga, and Samantha Marzullo
Caryn Kunkle and ‘Saga’
They sprayed themselves in gold body paint and performed as mimes for PAWS donations! (center)

 Garrett Ching, Dave, John Frankowski
Carmen Tomassetti (CTO), Rob Molinaro and Steve Rockman

Ashley Taylor
 Golden Girl Sam with Lindsey Ouellette and Tawny Martin

Lyndsey Brown and Mike Orem
Pastries were donated by Angela Cicala, owner and pastry chef at Le Virtue!

 Blair Ago, Steve Shuster, and Dana Spain (Dana has become a serious developer renovating and selling homes through McSpain. The houses seem to be located in the Port Richmond section of Philly.)

 Julio Galvez, Tamar Olitsky, Billy Becker, Steve Olitsky, Lorenzo Labella
 Mike Jerrick and Sam Trasatti
Carol Serena, Ira Lubert, and Jeff Orleans

 Dance, dance, dance, dance. The guy in the middle (Henry Seltzer) used to be my neighbor at 13th & Spruce in 1991.

 Lou Ann Dorney and Carol Serena

 Steve Berti and Jess Burgoyne

Thanks to Mr Trasatti for these pixs of his daughters party.
(Sad I missed this party, I was in NYC)