INSTAPHILLYGOSSIPMONDAY: David Oh’s a dad, Ellis Walding new film, A Camel and a Blond

AS if we were chatting over our adjoining fence, let’s chat about what our friends and neighbors did this past week…

 Yep those Tamburino’s look the same. Steve Martorano who had a place in South Philly, then opened in Ft. Lauderdale, then Vegas and now in Atlantic City
 I think blonds do have more fun, at least I know this one is stunning that’s for sure.
 Oh no fun too
 Patti LaBelle surprised the O’Jays Thursday night at The Dell. Kharisma Mcllwaine caught up with legend. Miss Patty Jackson invited me the night before, but I had a prior engagement. Missed the girlfriends.

 Philly PR Girl Kate Marley’s partying with LeSean “Shady” McCoy at his birthday party at Chickie & Pete’s

 Congrats to Councilman David Oh and his wife, HeeSun Oh  on the birth of their daughter Sarah on Saturday.

Last we saw of Ellis Walding (l) he was selling his popular bar/restaurant Roosevelt’s to pursue his 
acting career. He just completed ZK Elephant’s Graveyard starring Mischa Barton and Billy Zane (r). 
Should be opening soon. 

 The Spain’s annual sail of the Mediterranean is happening this week.
 Love Pamela Stanley – Soundtrack of my youth with “If Looks Could Kill” and “Coming Out of Hiding”
 This weekend I got to participate in INVISIBLE RIVER and it was an artistic experience that reinvigorated me as a human and a creator. Alie Vidich
had the chutzpah to put together a show that had dozens of boats travel
miles (nautical knots?) through Philadelphia and see dancers and
acrobats performing on banks and bridges and islands, all to reconnect
people to our land and especially our waterways, and that’s incredible.
and her fiance Eagles player, Julian Vandervelde, headed to TV personality’s Heaven Tutson and Mike Daniels, Green Bay Packers wedding in Chicago.