10 Arts Daiquiri Party Pixs & Two New Chef & A Seasonal Table Delight

The Ritz-Carlton, Philadelphia celebrated the return of Daiquiri classic cocktail with a special happy hour
party last week. The hotel will be offered a curated cocktail menu of noteworthy daiquiris from other The Ritz-Carlton hotels and resorts around the world.

 All of the daiquiris offered on July 10 were $10 and made with premium Caliche Rum, a six-generation-old rum from the Serrallés Family Distillery in Puerto Rico.
 Jacob Bowling and Marvin Rocha catch up during the cocktail hour.
 Nancy Wilhelm and Bruce Camerom
 Sara Schvenemann and Rich Levering, he just got back from New Orleans where he celebrated his birthday.
 Wendy Wilhelm and  Nancy Wilhelm
 Glendisa Sanxhaku (loves the daiquiris and pretzels) and Isamar Ramirez, Program Coordinator at the Free Library of Philadelphia. Check out the author schedule coming up, pretty impressive. Tonight: Francois Furstenberg | When the United States Spoke French: Five Refugees Who Shaped a Nation


Next week I want to see Food in Jars: Marisa McClellan 
on Thursday July 24.
Antoine Williams and Jeanne McLaughlin love the watermelon and strawberry daiquiris
 Shawn Dore, Mischa Greenberg and Judite Morais
 Sophgar Hu and Robert Chhugani
 The Philadaiquiri makes its debut that night but will be offered all summer long as part of the regular drink menu.

 Colin Likens, Gene Buckley and Tim Moir, Owner, Tag Communication Services. Tim tells me the tickets for the Opera Company of Philadelphia gala 9/12/14 are selling fast. I don’t know if you know this but they’re shutting down Broad Street, inviting opera’s biggest stars and celebrating their 40th Anniversary.
Kristy Sevag
Cheers to my girls: Christal Watson, Multicultural Marketing Manager at Southern Wine & Spirits and Elizabeth Wellington, Philadelphia Inquirer fashion writer. Yesterday’s column: Made in America
 Smile: Jimmy Contreras, Vlahos PR (representing the Ritz-Carlton), girls on the scene: Kristy Sevag, Christie Honigman and Marisa Magnatta
Lindsay Christian, Sarala Sarah, Charles Wiedmann, Megan Carr and Kate Carr
Seasonal Dinners
 Beginning July 24 and continuing every other Thursday through the fall, 10 Arts at The Ritz-Carlton, Philadelphia will host a relaxed, communal dining experience featuring a five course tasting menu. Never the same meal twice, the menu will be mostly of-the-moment – a culinary adventure that should be as much fun for the chefs as for their guests.

The menu for the July 24 dinner, example, is built around tequila in honor of National Tequila Day.
Advance reservations are strongly encouraged, as seating at the communal table is limited to 10 guests.
 Sea Urchin – beautiful and delicious!!
Octopus. There was a TV at the end of the table which had a camera in the kitchen showing us how the dishes were prepared. (middle photo)

 The most unbelievable duck ever


I attended the press tasting last week and the food was delicious. 10 Arts two new chefs 10 Arts Chef Matthias Hiebsch and Pastry Chef Stephen Wilson (above) created a delicious meal. I highly recommend you attend one of these dinners, it’s highly interactive and delicious. $75 plus tax & tips. Reserve your place at the table, please contact Catherine Lamb at 215-523-8000 or