SOUTH STREET HEADHOUSE DOG LINKS Plus Wiener Dog Race Info 7/23/14

Hey everyone: This past weekend I photographed the delicious South Street 3rd Annual Dog Days competition. If you were one of the peeps I photographed, here are links to the photos. If they don’t appear here they’ll show up on the South Street FB page sometime in the next 3 weeks. So nice to meet you all, and I hope you had a great time. For peeps looking for the Philly Style Magazine photos, tomorrow I promise. I have a record 40 photos and lots of fun copy to go with it.

Thanks HughE

Yun Fuestes and his Bean Apple Dog Slaw sandwich from Society Hill Society.
Grab your Serrano brochures while they last, the restaurant is closing it’s doors for good. This summer they are serving a lite meal of Taco’s then re-conceptualizing as something new in the fall with a new name says Jennifer McCo, co-owner of Serrano, Sassafras and Tin Angel.
Here’s the link to my PhillyMag column written nicely by Josh Middleton, who was one of the judges. 
7/23/14 – Wiener Dog Race at Lucky’s Last Chance
for National Hot Dog Day on Wednesday 5PM to 9PM! The race begins at 7 p.m., but stop by after 5
and grab a hot dog! $1 from each dog will be donated to PAWS (Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society)! Would your dog be fast enough to win this race?!
The Philadelphia Business Journal 

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