What an amazing storm last night. I saw it come from miles away, but for hours it eluded Philly and traveled north by passing the City. Finally around midnight bits and pieces of it passed through the City; not the full impact this time it went north and south bypassing Center City. A few magnificent bolts did occur, most of which I missed. I saw the Comcast Building get struck twice.

 Earlier in the evening I headed out to Fairmount Park to get a different perspective. I found a guy sitting on a bench with an umbrella. It was pitch black except when the lightning lit up the sky like in this shot.

 I headed home near midnight.
 I was trying to set my camera to shoot through my balcony window. Some of the lightning was over exposed so I had to work with photoshop, not very successful I’d say.
It’s Midnight.

 The skyline was swallowed by this enormous cloud.

I’ll call this shot Miss Robin, as Tony Bruno’s girlfriend told me the heliport next to their condo was struck by lightning. Looks like it could’ve been this one.
My friend RaymondSkwire (check out his work here too), got this awesome shot from NJ looking at Philly
Another Great Photographer – Natalie Sharp. Check out her page here.