Did I Shoot YOU: My Diner en Blanc Links and a Few More Photos To Enjoy

Here are the links to my photos that ran in Philadelphia Magazine online and NBC 10 Philadelphia. A few more of my fav photos that I overlooked are on these pages – PLUS *there’s a handful of photos that will go into hard copy publications that aren’t published online.

Liz Marcoretta and Kathleen Brown
Hadas Kuznits and hubby Daniel Reinherz recreate their wedding shot
Geno Barbera and Lisa Silveri

 Some photos were sent to news outlets and magazines. Sorry I do not sell my photos or email them to individuals. I’m a one shop guy and it’s on to the next event for me. If you don’t see your pix in any of these outlets, remind me next time and I’ll make sure I put you in at the next event.

 Thanks to Diner en Blanc co-hosts Natanya DiBona and Kayli Moran flank Diner en Blanc’s PR rep Kory Aversa for another magical Diner en Blanc. Diner en Blanc was brought to Philadelphia after friends Natanya and Kayli had attended one in Montreal a few years back, and thought how awesome it would be to bring it to Philadelphia. Neither women are in public pr or event planning (they both have full time jobs too), they just thought it would be fun to share this experience in Philadelphia.
The Aversa PR Team: Dash Sears, Gabbi Townsend, Eri Washinton, Lauryn Resotka and Kory Aversa
 A few links to a few other publications where Diner en Blanc reigns.
Now I go on vacation for a week. But I will still have columns here on PCC and a Joan Shepp one in Philly Mag on Monday, or Tuesday.