Which Celebrities were at the Made In America Festival, Plus Links to where your photo might be….

The Budweiser Made in America Festival once again entertain
the masses on the Parkway over the Labor Day weekend. Nearly 70,000 music fans
attended the two day event which went off without a hitch except for a violent
lightning storm on Sunday night which delayed the concerts by an hour. With
every passing year MIA seems to tweak the layout of the festival grounds. This
year saw the return of the popular Budweiser swing, as well as the four stages
Rocky, Liberty, Freedom and the Skate Board stage, which showcases a lot of
local bands. There was also the cause village where you found the several
charity causes and the 1876 Starr Restaurant where a lunch and dinner buffet
was served everyday for only $35, which considering a pretzel at the Bud stand
was $5 really was a bargain. I really enjoyed the weekend, and have a better
understanding of some of the bands that played at the festival, which is the
beauty of a festival, being exposed to groups and music you might not have had
the chance to hear again. I’m excited to listen to the latest Bleachers CD. Jay-Z
was in the audience but no Beyonce. She was spotted the next day with her man
catching all the action at the LA version of Made in America.

 Tyson Beckford with Drew Braunstein at Made In America
Model Tyson Beckford (left wearing red) with girlfriend Victoria’s Secret model Shanina Shaik (center) head
over to J Cole’s concert at Liberty Stage.(Tyson turned me down for a shot of the duo. So annoying.) You might know her more as the model at last year’s Victoria Secret’s event that flirted with Justin Bieber cause both Selena Gomez and Tyson Beckford to break up with their perspective loved ones. As of this weekend it’s back to status quo with the two couples with Selena hanging with the Biebs in Canada.

 On Sunday night Jesus prays the rain away. (If Jesus was white, he really looks like him.)
 One of my favorite shots from the two day event. It was during the Bare Hands performance, so it was conducive to chatting. I would have like to know why he was dressed this way, and how hot it must have been.
 Big Daddy Kane on the Rocky Stage
 Big Daddy Kane (front) walks back to his dressing room after his performance. The guy in the blue is carrying his hat. Before Kane went on the stage, he was introducing people to his hat box calling it his wife.
 Marisa Magnatta hard at work at WMMR reporting live from the Festival
Ariel view of the
Made in America Festival grounds.

June Ambrose,
celebrity stylist to Jay Z, Will Smith, Missy Elliott, Mary J. Blige and
others, was excited to catch Kanye West’s show. Other notables catching Kanye’s
show included 76ers’
Nerlens Noel, Connor Barwin,
Eagles, Brandon Bing,
formerly of the Giants, now a free agent. Also spotted
actresses Chloe Bridges, Pretty Little Liars,
Chelsea Tyler and Mia

Everett Gillison, deputy mayor for public safety, Olivia
  Assistant Managing Director at
City of Philadelphia, Mayor Michael Nutter, Desiree Peterkin Bell, City Representative and Mayor’s Director of Communications and Jazelle
  ‎Deputy Managing Director at City
of Philadelphia

Pierre Robert, Matt Cord, Nick Mcilwain and Bill Weston of
WMMR. During the evacuation I invited the MMR gang to shelter in my apartment building. I told them we had a Little Pete’s restaurant, and they had dinner. They got to meet Little Pete too.
Little Pete last Thursday when the Clydesdale’s visited Fairmount.

 Chill Moody (center), chillin with friends.

Claire Boucher of Grimes performs onstage at the 2014
Budweiser Made In America Festival.

Bam Margera and Nicole Boyd (center) with friends were
excited to catch Kings of Leon.


I took a lot of photos and was able to populate my media outlets. I’m now contributing to the Philadelphia Business Journal: MADE IN AMERICA

 At one point it was raining so hard outside, it began raining inside the press tent.

 Since I photograph people I felt I needed to be out in the rain with them capturing the moment.
 Back stage

Some of the Proceeds from the evening went to the United Way
 Big Rube with one of TShirts from his line
 I love this shirt.
 VIP VIP where Kanye stayed. He walked down these steps to get to the stage.
 VIP seating to watch the concert. This is where Jay Z sat for part of the day.
 Tina Elmer and Drew Braunstein(the photo was a tad out of focus to be included in my columns, but it’s a nice picture.)
 The Freedom Stage. This is where the DJ’s spun EDM music

 India Jones, Morgann Morrow and Philly R&B singer Gogo Morrow.
Jack Antonoff of Bleachers

  has a photo of girlfriend Lena Dunham on his guitar

The rain soaked crowd watching Pharrell Williams.
performs onstage at the 2014 Budweiser Made In America Festival. Sorry
I don’t have any Kings of Leon photos, I was soaking wet and headed home after
Pharrell’s set.
I was also on More 101.1 Tuesday chatting about the whole weekend.