Social Diary: ” Let the Hundred Flowers Blossom” Sep 2014 Opening Night Party at E-Moderne Gallerie

E-Moderne Gallerie quietly opened this past spring in Old City. The owner Edward Fong is anything but quiet, he is passionate. He’s passionate about Philly (he’s from NYC he could have opened this gem there), he’s passionate about art, especially undiscovered artists and he’s passionate about the art community, which was on display last week when collectors, patrons and several local gallery owners were his guest at the invite only party. It was nice to meet them too.

E-Moderne Gallerie is a new generation of contemporary art gallery
in Philadelphia, introducing a whole new experience to patrons,
collectors, and art enthusiasts and a new way to appreciate contemporary
arts. We believe enjoying contemporary arts should never resemble decoding the Rosetta stone.

Edward Fong and Chantal Westby, Artiste peintre at Chantal Westby cut the ribbon on the exhibition.

Deborah Branden, Kathleen Lambert, Valerie Khmelnitsky with Edward Fong
” Let the Hundred Flowers Blossom” artwork is by Lan Cheng from China. His work has never been seen outside of his home country until now.
Thank you Edward Fong,
I was truly delineated to be you guest for the opening of your first
contemporary exhibition , Solo; On the abstract paintings opening, as
well to discovery your talented artist Lan Cheng , from Guanqzhou (
Kathleen Lambert and Bill Hunt
Abadallah Tabet and Donald Harrison
Larry and Heidi Becker – The Larry Becker Contemporary Art (gallery)
Chris Cox and Jackie O’Neil
Edward Fong and Stormy Lundy
Pamela and Andrea with Jim Donovan
Linda Dubin Garfield, Philadelphia artist who creates works on paper that combine traditional printmaking, mixed media & digital technology and Nadia Kunz

Ed and Monica
Lenny Bazemore, Director – The Bazemore Gallery
and Rob Kulathinal is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biology at Temple. The Bazemore Gallery 
has a few interesting events coming up.
October 18 at the Bazemore Art Gallery on Main Street in Manayunk, there’s a reception at Bazemore Art Gallery on Main Street in Manayunk with an exhibit of Noel Miles artwork. There’s also a book reading and signing by Thom Nickels on “Legends of Center City,” which Noel Miles is in and so am I. 

This was one of my favorite pieces, which artist Santiago Galeas andDeborah Branden seems to be enjoying too. Santiago Galeas teaches a weekly sketch class at EModern on Wednesday nights.