Finley Catering Opens in Union Trust

Not too long ago there was a beautiful steakhouse that opening in Old City called Union Trust.

And then the economy dropped, then partners ate too much into the profits and the jeweled dwelling closed.

Earlier this year I broke the story that Finley Catering would be taking over the space.

The oyster bar is gone and now serves a different kind of  aphrodisiac – spirits.

Recently I photographed the JAM Event there, one of the first to occur in the new space.
Gone are the large supper club booths that lined the wall, the awkward bar on the first floor and the walls that divided the dining tables.
Now it’s more of an open plan, and I like it.
Upstairs there’s still a nice bar.
Gone are the tables on the Mezz level, and instead is replaced with a great area for a cocktail party.
There’s still a second floor private dining area.
The space is versatile to hold many different kinds of events.