Ian M Crumm hosts a Fashion Presentation and Phasion Phest – Catching up on Philly Fashion Week

OMG it’s October and Philadelphia fashion week/month overload is finished. There were a few fun events I went to that I never got to write up and I’m just going to do a brief overall of two events.

In mid September fashion expert Ian M Crumm hosted A Fashion Presentation
 featuring Versatile & Sophisticated looks  by Melissa D’Agostino and Nicole Haddad’s Lobo Mau.

 Randyl Case, Nicole Haddad (Lobo Mau) and Jeffrey Bussmann
 Ian M Crumm wearing Lobo Mau and two models wearing fall fashions by Melissa D’Agostino
 Phashion Phest celebrated it’s 21st anniversary in September. Created by Sharon Phillips Waxman, The SPW Productions Team 
to showcase local retailers. Sharon was on the forefront of highlighting fashion and local retail in an public event, where consumers had a chance to see the latest fashion, and accessories at the same time.

  The clothes shown at these events are unique and affordable for the average consumer.

 In passed years Phashion Phest has been held on the waterfront in abandoned piers before the revitalization of the waterfront, one of my favorite spots was when it was held in the middle of the street under the Pennsylvania Convention Center under pass.

 For the third year in a row the event was held at the Shops of Liberty Place. Twice it was in the rotunda, and this year it was held upstairs in the food court. It was a great space to have it. The fashion show featured a lot of our favorite shops including Knit Wit, Macy’s ellelauri, Express and Les Richards. Can’t wait to see what Sharon does next year.