My Update and More on Wigs and Wishes. There’s more to say…

Oh boy this flu took the life out of me. I went to Urgent Care in South Philly on Friday and they gave me Tamiflu and I’m on my way to better health at least now I’m not contagious.  I’m so grateful to my 2nd shooter Mike Hirata who re-arranged his schedule to cover my events and for the clients who were able to get other photographers to shoot events he couldn’t cover. I was sad I couldn’t cover the opening of the Orchestra last night. This whole week was a big lesson on no matter how busy you are, you’re health is a top priority and others realize that too.  I also decided to quit all soda and carbs, so I was extra sick with that wicked headache you get. My doctor basically said now was the time I take care of my health, and being 300 lbs is not healthy.

I wanted to write more about this Wigs and Wishes event. It was one of the most organized over the top gala’s I’ve been to, did I saw over the top, yes it was.  Here are a few more pixs and stories.

Lucien’s Manor is a gorgeous event space. Think Crystal Tearoom on steroids.

 The main ball room was decorated by Abbotts Florist, really nice.

 This cake was done by Platinum. See the wig on top.
 Adorable girls that benefitted by Friends Are By Yourside wigs.

 In my philly mag column I forgot to mention he got an award, along with Martino Cartier.
I wish Philly would turn it out like this. There really wasn’t one OMG hot mess dress there.
Susan Liberta, Great Gifts and Promo created the most amazing silent auction I have ever seen.
Where they heck did she get this Miley Cyrus photo?
My philly mag column is about the dinner party, these pixs are the after  party
There was a $20 raffle for this Eiffel Tower full of gifts.

These two won the Eiffel Tower, I have no idea how they were going to get this home.
Check out my Philly Mag column on how Friends By Your Side and Martino Cartier is making a difference.