Photos: National Association of Minority and Women Owned Law Firms

What is NAMWOLF you ask?  No, it’s not some hybrid animal that is making
a special appearance at the Philadelphia Zoo this year but rather
something entirely more interesting than that.  NAMWOLF stands for the National Association of Minority and Women Owned Law Firms which is a
non-profit trade organization whose mission is to foster and promote
diversity among use of outside counsel by Fortune 500 organizations and
public entities.  Lawyers from Philadelphia and all of the country had the opportunity to learn firsthand  at the 10th Annual Meeting and Law Firm Expo at the Philadelphia Downtown Marriott.
 Jessica Mazzeo of Griesing Law (key person responsible for bringing this high profile meeting to Philadelphia. ) and Jane Kalata of Namwolf.
 Rodney Akers Deputy General Counsel for the Governor of PA’s office, Fran Griesing founder of Griesing Law, and Joel Stern CEO of Namwolf.
NAMWOLF was founded in 2001 and has over 120 member firms located
across the country including Puerto Rico.  The process to become a
member firm is extensively vetted to include only top tier diverse-owned
firms.  Some of the criteria include being properly certified by either
NMSDC or WBENC as a minority or woman-owned law firm, respectively,
having a minimum of three full time attorneys and being able to provide
favorable client references from corporations within the Fortune 500.  
 Alva Mather, Kate Legge, Fran Griesing, and Ashley Kenney Shea all of Griesing Law.
 Dave Ganz of Bertone Piccini, Anthony Gay of Exelon BSC, and Hope D’Oyley-Gay of Glaxo.
  Ashley Kenney Shea and  Kate Legge of Griesing Law
 Marianne Schimelfenig General Counsel of St. Joseph’s University and Alva Mather of Griesing Law
 Pamela Harper, Fran Griesing, and Janice Brow
 Anthony Sifre and Jessica Mazzeo.
Virginia Kim, Steve Chung, and Dina Leytes of Griesing Law.
(Thanks to Mike Hirata for shooting this client party.)