Walnut St Store Closing, Brent Celek Revisit’s, No More Snapping Your Wrists, Hardcore Pawn, MANNA and more news

 I’ve compiled the latest interesting news culled from my SM, as well as a few of our friends….

Tatyana has closed up lock stock and barrel down to the last store fixture. I hear the duty was done Friday 11/21. Corporate pulled the plug on the Philly store. Their online presence is still alive.  I know a lot of people were sad to see the “vintage” store close.

The Shops at Bellevue had a ribbon cutting on Friday for their new Walnut Street doors. You’ll recall the old ones were so heavy it felt like your wrists could snap at any moment especially if you got caught in the wind tunnel.
 Drew “The Mayor” Carballo and DelFrisco’s GM Carmen Tedesco
 Chef Jen Carroll whipping up something delicious on Thanksgiving.
 Fabulous Alexander Faymous Kacala with Lance Bass and friend during the Pink Crawl on Wednesday night through the Gayborhood.
Tony Frick, Bd President of Manna, Alyssa Ingram, Rob Saxon, Director of External Affairs – MANNA, Sue Daugherty, Executive Director of MANNA, Ben Cross and Rosemary Connors serving up some grub on Thanksgiving at Manna.  October 9 is MANNA’s 25th Anniversary Gala. Hope to see you there.

 The NBC10 Morning Crew back together again to celebrate Bill Henley’s induction into the Broadcast Pioneer’s Hall of Fame. Justin Pizzi, Bill Henley, Terry Ruggles and Jillian Mele

 My friend from Paul VI High School, Gerri DeMarshall and the fabulous Flyer’s Alumni. Can you name them?
 Marshall Harris visiting Lauren Johnson from CW fame, in her new hometown of Dallas Texas
Sweet Jenn is enjoying Paris on a press junket.
 Sheena Parveen is rocking her sandy brown hair for the winter.
 Pick up these great maps at Macy’s or the Christmas Village for all things holiday in Philadelphia.
 These cups are only $3 at the Christmas Village.

 Will Bozarth met the cast of Hardcore Pawn at Forman Mills over the weekend.
 Brent Celek is launching his accessory line at Joan Shepp on Wednesday.
 On Instagram I’m chronicling my favorite holiday windows.
many years in the 1990’s The Love Park sign would be covered in an act
of protest on #WorldAIDSDay and a mock funeral held at the famed
location. #ACTUP #philly #gay The first photograph I ever had published
was from this series and appeared in Philly’s now defunct GLBT newspaper Au Courant in 1993.
RIP: My BFF Shawn Conley, Michael Root and Wayne Cohen.