Photos: Reception for the Israeli Documentary Ayalon at 10 Rittenhouse

Recently there was a reception for the Israeli Documentary Ayalon at 10 Rittenhouse, the upcoming movie deals with Israel’s secret bullet factory and how it changed the course of history.

Co-hosts for the fundraiser/ party were
Lisa Goldenberg, Terri Candell, Laurel Fairworth, Lisa Glassner, and Jan Reisner. (missing Terri Candell)
Ayalon Director Michael Lopatin and Marc

 There was a nice table spread of seasonal foods. I really like how the tablescape.
Fit Verticelli and Lexie Verticelli. 
 Ofelia Cohen and Lisa Glassner.
 The check in table.
 Michael Adler and Steve Feldman.
 Jan Reisner, Lisa Goldenberg, and Laurel Fairworth.
 Terri Candell, Fit Verticelli and Lexie Verticelli.

 Ayalon Director Michael Lopatin speaks.
Guests learned about the upcoming movie detailing Ayalon, a
secret ammunition plant in Israel, and how about it changed the course
of history.
 Laurel Fairworth, Terri Candell, and Alan Candell.

 David and Beth Blum.
 Terri Candell speaks.
 Alan Candell and Lisa Glassner.
 Sherrie Savett. (former
Sherrie R. Savett is president of the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia.)
 Michelle DiMatteo and Salvator D’Angelo.
Wendy Ross, Yane Rosenbaum, Michelle Papalini, and Michele Mendelsohn. 
Sherrie Savett, Buddy Newman, and Judy Newman.

Toni Leslie, Neil Faggen, and Jewelry Designer Ann

Mindy Chriqui and Nurit

Ellen Holtzman, Lynn Norton-Robins, and Marina Furman.
Sharon Pinkenson, Alan Candell, and Terri Candell.
 There was stellar sales of jewelery to raise funds for the documentary.

Lycie Keller and Shelly

Wendy Ross and Laurel Fairworth.

Dana Rosen and Larry Gillston.

Ayalon Director Michael Lopatin and Joan Bressler.

Leyla Reed and Shelly Lesse.

David and Beth Blum.

Terri Candell, Carmelo D’Angelo,
(You know who’s son this is, almost all grown up.) and Lexie Verticelli. 
Thanks to Mike Hirata for shooting this for PhillyChitChat