Reveal Photos, Plus JLo’s ex Cris Judd leads a Master Class: Millennium Dance Complex Philadelphia Opens on South Street

The Millennium Dance Complex Philadelphia located in the former home of Pearl Arts & Crafts at 417 South Street
is now a 39,000 square foot dance, arts and fitness complex and opened last week on Black Friday, November 28, 2014 to a packed house of dancers who took classes from the likes of .

As a tip
of the hat to the former and beloved tenant, Pearl Arts and Crafts, the
four studio spaces and private dance space will be named after a letter
in the Pearl name. Each room will be identified by a piece of the
original sign that adorned the building.

 (Top two photos: PHOTOS – Credit Lauren Mame Thomas ) 

The first floor (9,000 square feet) features  four main dance studios
with hardwood sprung floors in two of the spaces, and marley sprung
floors in the other two spaces. Each room will have viewing windows from
the ‘hall of fame,’ that will feature autographed photographs from the
choreographers and their celebrity clients. The main studio will give
the public a glimpse of the magic through windows looking out to South
Street. Additionally, the first floor will also feature two seating
areas, a reception and retail desk, student lockers, the choreographers’
office, a conference room, bathrooms and three changing rooms.
 Cris Judd,  choreographer/ex-husband to Jennifer Lopez was on hand over the weekend to teach several master classes.
 Marty Kudelka (choerographer to the Janet Jackson, JLo and Justin Timberlake) leads a class at Millennium Dance Complex
There was a notable young actress in Marty’s class Holly Taylor, who stars in Paige Jennings in The Americans on FX.
Millennium Dance Complex Philadelphia is part of the very popular, celebrity attended Millennium Dance Complex in Los Angeles, and will draw moderate to advanced dancers to this location from the East Coast, and especially New York City as the Philadelphia complex is the only one on the right coast.
 Cris Judd
 Marty Kudelka talk to Vouge about who he hooked up to be Justin Timberlake’s choreographer.
 There’s plenty of spectator seats for fans of dance as well as dance moms and dads.
 Teaching Master Classes on open weekend included: 
Jamie Jackson, Cris Judd, Marty Kudelka, Eddie Morales and Dave Scott.