Photos: PhillyChitChat Pop-Up Party at Christmas Village

Last week I had another one of my PhillyChitChat Pop-up Parties, where I invite readers, influencers and tastemakers to a behind the scenes tour or demonstration somewhere. So far we’ve had the PhillyChitChat incHUGHbator at Serafina, and the pop-up party with the new Spring menu tasting at Square 1682 

This time we headed to the Christmas Village, which is definitely one of my favorite holiday places this year. Today I’ll be doing a lot of my shopping there for the holiday, which I haven’t started yet.

First stop Kettle Corn. Mom loves, loves, loves good Kettle Corn. Don’t tell her but I’m getting her this. Plus I did get her a cute shawl from local Philly designer Melissa D’Agostino.

That Alexander Hankin is such a card.

TODAY at noon is the last concert at lunch at the Christmas Village, come out and say hi.

Heather Yerid, Matt Ray and Melissa Leonard. (I’m sure grateful to meet Melissa this year, she’s so much fun. A bigger fan girl than me. Meets celebs with her daughter and should definitely blog about it.)
Thanks to all the food vendors at the Christmas Village for feeding my 25 guests, who braved the wicked weather to come out and support me.
Like the always festive Michelle Leonard from the Main Line. How awesome is she and her holiday style.
Sam Shoap and Candice Lauren

The crew
OK these things, what are they cupping thingys. do you see Angelina and Brad, there’s also a Rocky one, Flyers and Eagles. Must haves.
Kory, in all things Kory. He’s a genius, and together we’ve done a lot of great things. He’s also very appreciative, and tells me all the time. PhillyChitChat is better because of meeting Kory.
 TJ Tarrant, Jason Cevera and Katie Griffin.
Did you know Wisconsin Cheese place was so busy they ran out and had to get another shipment from Wisconsin.

This year the Christmas Village has quadrupled the number of people who
have visited. No doubt Kory Aversa, Aversa PR knocked it out of there
with press placements. And I think Dilworth Park is a perfect
complemtary attraction across the street. The holiday spots in
Philadelphia are definite must do every year.

Thank you to my friends, and readers for coming out and supporting the 3rd PhillyChitChat Pop-Up Party.

If you want to be considered for a PhillyChitChat Pop-up Party email me at
buzz (at) and I will add you to my list. Thanks