Photos: Cashman & Assocs Hosts A Holiday Party for their Media Friends at the Hard Rock

Cashman & Assocs hosted a holiday party for their media friends on Friday at the Hard Rock Cafe in Center City. I hadn’t been there since their renovation two years ago, and I was really impressed. The main restaurant which was always somewhat cavernous, has really been gutted and is now an open dining room with a stage. The party was held in an adjoining dining room in an area that is part way into the Reading Headhouse.

Robert Nonemacker, Jacklyn Rhoads and Scott Barnes-  Cashman & Assocs
Founded in 2001 by Nicole A. Cashman, Cashman & Associates has built
an expansive repertoire of experience and distinguished client
portfolio spanning multiple industries. With offices in Philadelphia and
New York, our expertise in strategic campaigns ranging in fashion,
retail, consumer goods, travel, hospitality, real estate, entertainment,
nightlife, philanthropic and corporate extend national exposure while
offering a hyperlocal understanding of key drive-markets in Atlantic
City, Delaware, DC, Boston, San Francisco and Los Angeles. (Cashman)
 Rebecca Dublin, Cashman & Assoc., Jade Barnes, Shops of Liberty (where it was just announced Liberty One will be the site of a new Philadelphia Observation Tower. The press conference was orchestrated by Cashman & Assoc.) and Scott Herman
 Jim Cohn, Midlantic Events and Julie Renninger, IMS Tech
 Michelle Conron and Amanda HillCashman & Assocs
 The specialty drink of the evening. When you attend a Cashman & Assoc. clients event, launch or celebration, there’s always a specialty drink that reflects the theme.
Alexander Kacala, Karina Kacala and Ryan Dennis, Fox 29. Last week TV personality Maria Papadakis was on Fox 29’s Good Day show featuring a few of Cashman’s clients products with the hottest winter accessories and color samba red.
 Thom Nickels (author of “Legendary Locals of Center City
Philadelphia.” Legendary locals featured in the book include Nicole
Cashman, A.D. Amorosi, HughE Dillon, Richardson Dilworth, John
and Grace Kelly,) Steve LaVerty and Steven Baranowski (Cashman Guy)
 The Hard Rock put out a nice spread, plus they have a nice new event space next to the newly renovated restaurant.
 Fox 29 weather anchor Sue Serio and husband Bill Vargus,
met at Fox 29 when they both worked there. This year the couple celebrates their 20th anniversary, and last year they co-star in “Love Letters” at the Media Theatre for the Performing Arts.
 Michelle Boyles and Brett Copol both of Region’s Business. Yes, Brett is back and the dynamic duo who had worked at Metro Philly together are now working at Region’s Business, which is now located at the Graham Building in the new co-worker office Pipeline Philadelphia

Kyra Nelson, CBS3, Cherri Gregg KYW Radio Community Affairs, Jessica Holva, Fashion Blogger (She had a great segment on Fox 29’s Good Day on bloggers favorite holiday gifts,) guest and Melony Roy, KYW Radio.

 Sue Serio, Kristen Johanson and Kyra Nelson
 Aaron Inver, #Fox29Weekend Producer and his sister. Check out the new weekend show. I usually appear on Sunday’s talking about the weeks best parties.
Jenice Armstrong, Philadelphia Daily News (How much fun was her contest on the 12 gifts of Christmas and Have you see Philly’s District Attorney lately? He dropped 45 pounds to fight ALS ) and Paula Marie Jackson
 Stu Bykofsky, Leigh Primavera, Chuck Darrow and  Jenice Armstrong – The Philadelphia Daily News crew.
 Rebecca Dublin, Rachel Petey and Crystal Hayes.
 Scott Barnes and Christina Zervanos, Cashman & Associates
 Marisa Wall, Michelle Conron and Ryan Dennis, Fox 29
 George Johnson, Ali Gormon, 6ABC, Phil Balderson, Ken Weller and Wendy Saltzman, 6ABC
  Stu Bykofsky, Phila Daily News (The first gossip/entertainment column I remember reading was Stu’s. I am so honored to know him.), Bill Vargus, Sue Serio, Fox 29 and Anzio Williams, NBC10.
You want to know who else has the scoop on the best upcoming events:’s Timonthy Reardon and Allie Volpe
There in spirit was Nicole Cashman, who is taking some time off to spend with her family, Nigel Richards and baby Jett. She’s built a strong, well run company that allows her to take a little time off to enjoy her life.
This @CashmanAssoc email is pretty much the cutest thing ever: … Congrats on a VERY successful year!