Chocolate Gala at the Academy of Natural Sciences, a trip to the tropics and chocolate quinoa

Good Friday morning. This is one of those events that escaped being published. It fell on a Saturday where I had 2 other events that evening, in the middle of the social season. Although I never had a chance to publish it I did give it a lot of twitter love as it was a great showing.

The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University hosted their annual gala in November to kick off their popular exhibit  Chocolate: The Exhibition which runs until January 24, 2015.
Nancy Warren, Ken Warren, Board of Trustees of the Academy of Natural Sciences and Cynthia P. Heckscher, Managing Director of Philadelphia Office at Diversified Search, LLC

David McQuaid. Executive Vice President for Clinical Affairs and President & CEO at Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals, Inc., Kitty McQuaid and George W. Gephart, Jr., serves as President & CEO of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University.
 Leanne McManama, Caroline Ernst, VP Ecommerce Optoro, BLINQ and Jenna O’Neill
 Founded in 1812, the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel
University is a leading natural history museum dedicated to advancing
research, education, and public engagement in biodiversity and
environmental science.
 Minturn T. Wright III ( trustee of the Academy of Natural Sciences) standing outside one of my favorite exhibits, the live butterfly exhibit. First it’s cool to experience, secondly on a cold day like this it’s like traveling to the tropics for a bit of time. 
There’s a rare butterfly on display until January 17. What the volunteer in the Butterflies! saw was an extremely unusual butterfly-emerged just hours before from its chrysalis-spreading its delicate wings wide to reveal that it was exactly half male and half female.  Its two right wings-brown with yellow and white spots-were characteristic of a female of the species, and its two left wings-darker with green, blue and purple coloring-were typical of a male. The right wings were shaped differently than the left wings, and the body’s coloration was exactly split lengthwise down the middle as half male and half female.  “It slowly opened up, and the wings were so dramatically different, it was immediately apparent what it was,” said Johnson, a retired chemical engineer from Swarthmore, Pa., who spotted the delicate creature one day in October as he was emptying the Butterflies! exhibit’s pupa chamber. The pupa chamber is where exhibit staff place the chrysalises and cocoons that are shipped from overseas in order to allow the butterflies and moths inside to develop and emerge properly. Then they are released into the exhibit.
Archer Pierce, Cindy Pierce, Janet and Bob Frederick.
Dr. Roberta E. Gausas, MD, Allen Model and Elizabeth Huston
Gerri Tuten, Jason Weckstein, Ann Synder, Martin Snyder and John Tuten
The Academy has a new Ornithology curator Jason D. Weckstein, who is conducting bird walks, one of which was up for auction at the gala.
Samantha Stetson, Todd Cassidy, Kevin Shannadan, David Stetson, Anna Cassidy and Meg Clifton, new director of major gifts
Lucas Brown, Victor North, and Wayne Smith, Jr

Victoria Robinson and Lindsay Fiesthumel (Congrats on being a newlywed for 97 days!)
Did I mention the food that was served: Dat Nguyen and Peter Rosenblatt from the Four Seasons served chocolate rubbed venison.
There was also chocolate quinoa and shrimp mouse cocoa

chocolate dusted butternut squash

This shrimp is visiting his ancestors who are all cast in stone

One Last “Shot” of Chocolate: Beer and Chocolate Tasting

12th Street Catering and The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University

Thursday, January 15, 2015 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM (EST)

Philadelphia, PA