Saturday night was the 21st Annual Hair of the Dog Gala. This year’s event was definitely the best, and the party lived up to all the hype you’ve ever heard about the event and more. Dan, Rob, Buffy and Ryann all deserve a big Thank You and standing O for putting together a super party with lots to do and see.

Everyone took their dress very seriously and really looked stunning, they were hot, and happening, but I did include a few hot messes, see if you can find them.I worked ridiculously hard on this columns as it took about 15 hours to comb through the photos and find just the perfect 25 for each column; then describe them and write a column. PLEASE LIKE THE COLUMNS at Both PhillyMag and Thanks (if you like them) Tickets range from $100 to $300 and range from GA which is still a really good deal, open bar, food, dancing, to $300 bottle service, a mini lounge area and top of the shelf food with prime rib, turkey, pasta and salad.

Thanks so much for allowing me to photograph you, sorry I do not send the photos out. If you don’t see your photo here, the next time I see you out mention that and you have a good chance of appearing in a future column. Also I will have one more column in Philly Style Magazine later this week with another 15 photos.

Saturday night’s Hair O’ The Dog Gala  at Philly dot Com

Debbie Smith and DJ Paola Shea of CBS’s Big Brother

The photos I place on Philly Mag were more about the gorgeous and daring dresses that some of the ladies wore;

WHO WORE IT BEST, AND WHO WAS A MESS – leave me comments. Thanks.