Random Photos of the Week, with Tidbits, Gossip – Mamou & Green Line Cafe Closed, West Elm Demo Store and Favorite Meals

Good Thursday Morning. I have compiled a few photos I have tweeted or instagramed, and some that have never seen the light of day. I’m dropping some news here, as well as featuring some of my favorite meals of the week. Have a safe, warm day. HughE

 The Green Line Cafe is closed at 136 South 15th Street. 

The sign says they will be adding another location in West Philly, and exploring a possibility of another location in Center City. They still have other locations in West Philly for you to enjoy.

 Mamou (formerly The Corner) 102 S 13th St in Midtown Village is closed. The sign says it’s being renovated until January 10, 2015.

 I took this photo on January 10, and I’ve checked on it every day since and it doesn’t seem renovated or open. I don’t know why The Corner or Marmou haven’t done well at this location, it’s the hottest street in the City (13th Street btwn Walnut and Chestnut), I really like it a lot, the food and the roof deck. I’m sure it won’t be closed for long.

Did you know that the #WestElm on #ChestnutSt
is the demo store for the nation. It’s always one season ahead of the
other West Elm stores. At Christmas it was Spring. They only had the tiniest section for Christmas available and it was behind a pillar.

See it’s summer now. When the time comes the others stores
have to set up exactly like this store is laid out. This is the store
you see in the catalog too. Last week when I walked by they were shooting the catalog.
This is the best dish in the whole city #Casonsei it has smoked ricotta @luke_palladino @alexholleytv #Palladino @eastpassyunk #Foodporn
Then there’s this veal dish I had at D’Angelo’s last night. It’s on the restaurant menu. $35 for 4 courses. WOW.
The snowcast frightened everyone, there was hardly a person in Rittenhouse Square at 7PM last night.
Seriously delicious. The Broccoli soup at Bank & Boubon at 12th and Market Streets. It’s on the restaurant week menu, but also on their regular menu.
The Young Friends of the Academy Ball preparing the sponsor books for the underwriters in preparation for the Academy Ball on Saturday.
Braums is now open on East Passyunk Ave
Chicken and Waffles at City Tap House Logan Square. The best chicken ever.

The seafood cobb salad at McCormick & Schmidt’s at One South Broad. Delicious, pretty and $22

Did you know if you took a photo of your coat check ticket, you can get your coat. I do this because I always misplace mine. I wish I could do it for my parking ticket.

 Oh look, the Cheesecake Factory at 15th and Walnut is coming a long very nicely. I see Windex doing a good business here.