Simon’s Fund, Happy Valentine’s Day and a confession….

Sorry this week I’ve been a little lame on the blog, some what ok on Social Media. It could be mercury in retrograde or it could be a minor health problem. I don’t want to be Paula Deen and keep my diabetes from you, or the progression of it.

  I think I’ve told you about my diabetes awhile ago, and I talk about it on twitter, and that I was going to lose weight, and I gave up sugar, but after a while I slipped back to bad habits and ignored it. It didn’t go away and this week I started my insulin shots. It’s definitely scared the crap out of me, as well as made me ill and very tired. And I am ready to change. I went to see a dietician, and I have my Paleo plan back in place.
This week I haven’t felt well and I’ve been slow in my work and current blog posts.  I need this weekend to catch up and balance myself. Start working out, eating better etc. You’re my friends, and I know you’ve been worried. I’m going to go after this with a vengeance and take this seriously. So even though you will still see my #FoodPorn photos they might not always be what I eat, they might be my dinner companions, but I will  guarantee to only publish the most beautiful and tasty dishes as always. .Here’s a link to my philadelphia magazine column and this wonderful event I photographed last Saturday: Simon’s Fund
But I’ll want you to see what is out there. Like….
First up, this delicious array of treats from my advertiser Potito’s Bakery. It was a gigantic hit when I posted it early this week.  Call them today to pick up yours tomorrow.
South Philadelphia  1614 West Ritner Street  Philadelphia, PA 19145  215-389-CAKE  215-334-2996  (OPEN 7 DAYS)  
Center City  1315 Walnut Street  Philadelphia, PA 19107  215-545-CAKE (2253)  (CLOSED SUNDAYS)  
Fairmount  547 N. 20th Street  Philadelphia, PA 19130  215-563-CAKE(2253)  (CLOSED MONDAYS)
Or you could be like Alycia Lane and make one yourself!!