Sly Stallone is Filming in South Philly, and updates on other #Creed filming sites.

It’s been a little while since I updated you on Stallone on the blog, although if you’re following me on Twitter I give updates everyday.

 Tracy Blake was so excited that her son met his idol on his 5th birthday. She did a great job getting the photos and video to me. I sent them to Fox 29, and she also posting them on 6ABC. This story got lots of press.

 Spoiler Alert: Stallone was visiting the graves of his wife Adrian who died of cancer in Rocky 6 (2002) and brother in law Paulie, who dies before #Creed takes place.
 Two weeks ago Stallone filmed exteriors on Clearfield Street near Tulip.

 I don’t know what restaurant this is but this photo was posted last Wednesday.

The Victor Cafe is again “Adrian’s restaurant for #Creed.

Today the filming is taking place inside the restaurant. It will be hard to catch Stallone except when he heads out for lunch about 3PM. Otherwise I’m sure he’ll be eating inside for the breaks. Tomorrow he’s scheduled to film outside. There will be night time filming too. This is 13th and Dickenson.
I like ur excitement MT : arriving at “Adrian’s” restaurant for !
Check out this great video from Pete of Stallone arriving on set. Click on the Twitter link.