Jane Golden, Mural Arts – Phila Mag’s Trailblazer Award Luncheon

Philadelphia Magazine hosted it’s annual Trailblazer Award on Friday, at XIX restaurant Hyatt at the Bellevue honoring a much deserved women who has been a trailblazer in her field, as well as for many women in the business world, Jane Golden.Each year, the award is given to an
accomplished professional woman who is committed to women in business
and active in her community.

Golden’s career started with a small
anti-graffiti program, in which murals
were used as a means to visually
reclaim low-income neighborhoods.
“In those early days, we were working
in neighborhoods where the only other
employees were the police,” she says.
“The murals became a mirror that we
were holding up to people and saying,
‘Your life counts.’” This formative,
first-hand experience building change
from the ground up, collaborating
with city government, and bridging
divides between communities sparked
a fire in Golden: She set out to create
an art program that could serve every
neighborhood, school, and public
department in Philadelphia.(source)
Monica Malpass, 6ABC, hosted the event again this year.
Alana Tosti, Philadelphia Wedding
Some of Jane’s favorite murals were displayed during the program.
Jane is one of the most modest people you could ever meet, and one of the most persistent. That’s why things get done on Jane’s watch.

Sherry Lipson Litwer, Senior Brand Manager of Phila Magazine and Janet Stevenson

Selection committee member Karin Copeland, Arts & Business Council, stands to be recognized.
The beautiful XIX restaurant.
Jaqueline Kolowski, Leah Shepard, Melissa Brannon, Becky Festa, and Mark
I was running late and only got shots of the dessert, I missed lunch, but I bet it was delicious.
Kathryn Roberson and Sue Jacquette, AEC Partners, LLC
Jami Slotnick, Director of Marketing Keating Partners, Inc.

Joan Diberardinis and Kathryn Lovell Ott,
‎Executive Director at Fairmount Park Conservancy
Marian Conicella, Vice President National Sales Emmis Publishing, former publisher of Philadelphia magazine and founder of the Trailblazer Award,
Ashley Patterson, Publisher of Philadelphia Magazine, Jane Golden, Executive Director of the Mural Arts, and David Lipson, owner of Philadelphia Magazine.

Philadelphia magazine’s annual
Trailblazer Award recognizes extraordinary women in business whose
accomplishments and contributions epitomize excellence in their field
and community.