Bloomingdale’s in Center City – Update – Bed and Bath This Close To Signing at…

Remember two years ago when I wrote that Bloomingdale’s was looking to open in the Gallery, folks were boo hooing any chance the Gallery would be the right place for such an epic store because of its low brow reputation; and now look what’s going on there. The Gallery has taken a bold step in re-branding what was once the jewel shopping spot in the City by closing it for a year and completely renovating it. BTW * larry_farnese left a comment on my instagram when I posted something there about the Gallery last week: We
are working to make this a top destination point in the City that will
attract shoppers, tourists and spur new development along that market
street corridor. #gamechanger


Anywho back to Bloomie’s – Last year I did update that they backed out because the City wouldn’t let them tear down the Burlington Coat Factory, but I had heard they were still interested in Center City. Yesterday I got an email from MSC Retail advertising that Bloomie’s is looking for a spot in Center City. PS I did hear that a Bloomie’s outlet store is poking around the Gallery, as well as a J Crew outlet and even a Trader Joe’s.

When’s the Gallery closing seems to be a question on everyone’s mind. Last week I tweeted this shot of where Tiffany’s Bakery is going to relocate, it is one of the last stores still open in the “Gallery” proper, in the food court. It moves to this spot sometime this month. So I would say the Gallery is going to close up w/i definitely by June. Also in the rumor mill…

Bed, Bath and Beyond is this close to signing at the new Brickstone development at 12th and Chestnut. It’s about time we start getting these stores. Soon the I hear Target Express will be popping up, as well as a Home Depot. (source of photo)