Philadelphia Loses Rent Dispute with Landlord – Rittenhouse Square

Last summer you might recall I wrote about having a “rent dispute” with his landlord.

The owner told me the landlord wanted to raise the rent and the owner would have none of that. He told me he was planning to stay
there a long time and that sign was just a threat and not to be believed.

For awhile the rent sign went away, but then I noticed it went back up a month ago and I kept an eye on  it.

 Tonight I noticed the place is no longer in business. This photo is crazy, I’m not sure what went on here, did the owner tear out the sandwich counter as revenge before he left, or is the landlord doing demo already. Whatever is happening looks like left a few photos behind on the wall. A call to the kosher eatery lead me to a disconnected phone. It’s safe to say that Yelp can add this to the “This Place is Closed List.”
Since we’re talking about Burgers, I noticed that Burger King at 8th and Market has closed up shop. That leaves us with no broiled Burger King’s in Center City. You’ll have to head to Columbus Blvd near United Artist to get your crown.