Photos: Arts & Business Council of Greater Philadelphia hosts Malcolm Gladwell

The mission of the Arts & Business Council of Greater Philadelphia is
to develop creative partnerships between the arts and business
communities in Philly, it’s both enhancing the business skills of the arts
sector and promoting creative engagement within the business sector.

It’s a great source for those in business, as well as those who want to work with business in Philly. I know my readers are always interested in the seminars, author events, networking parties and the programs they offer.

Last week the Arts & Biz Council hosted Malcolm Gladwell: The Art of Battling Giants. There was an amazing turnout of nearly 800 people for the 10AM event. Each attendee received a copy of the book too.
Stephen K. Klasko, MD, MBA, President and CEO, Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health System, Karin Copeland, Executive Director Arts + Business Council of Greater Philadelphia; Dave Gloss, Chief Executive Officer, Here’s My Chance; Jane Golden, Founder and Executive Director, The City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program; Stephen S. Tang, Ph.D., MBA, President & CEO, University City Science Center;
Each author and networking event is held at a different location. Last weeks event was held at the U of Penn museum. I really like these events, they’re laid back, people are really amiable to networking, and exchanging business cards. It’s a great way to really see where the potential of your company can go.
Karin Copeland, ‎Executive Director Arts + Business Council of Greater Philadelphia greets the guests and welcomes them to another Arts & Business Council of Greater Philadelphia (ABC) networking and author discussion event.

Malcolm Gladwell, author of David and Goliath as well as several other books, one I read myself, can you believe it. It was called the Tipping Point, and I read it at the beginning of my career a few years back. I really like it and refer to the concepts in my life ongoing.
Rob Wonderling, President and CEO Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce and Donna Gentile O’Donnell, PhD. Vice President for Innovation Partnerships & Programs Special Assistant to the President at the luncheon reception after the program. Malcolm Gladwell attended, held a meet and greet as well as signed books.
Charles Lynch, Skip Massengill and Vijay Khatwani.

Tom Updegrove, CEO Internetwork Service and Tommy Up, PYT
Jim McGuire, Baird Private Wealth Management and Anthony Maher, ‎Co-Founder, CEO at Benjamin’s Desk
Caryn Taylor-Lucia, Director, Corporate Events at SEI; Corinne Rumble and Kathleen Keehn, Senior Business Manager at SEI
Al DelPizzo, ‎President SEI Private Trust Company and Rob Wrzesniewski, Managing Director at SEI Investments.
Laura Berker and Abby Plesser, both of Alkemy X.
Colleen Stratton, SEI and Ryan Hicks
Kevin Michaels and David Gloss, CoFounder & CEO at Here’s My Chance.

Whitney Wolensky, Mars Drinks North America and Jodie Stancato, Global Manager, Integrated Marketing Communications at Mars Drinks.
Malcolm Gladwell, author of David and Goliath and Amanda Giddings, Capital Grille.
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