NEMO Grand Opening and Lookbook Live Party – Interior Designers, Fashionable Rittenhouse Dwellers

Last week Philly Chit Chat’s Mike Hirata covered the grand opening party of Nemo tile to celebrate it’s new showroom.

Since its modest beginnings in Jamaica, Queens, in 1921, Nemo Tile has
offered an unmatched breadth of product. They offer the most comprehensive selection of tile in the market
today. The company does this by selecting material that is well-made,
timely and timeless to serve its customers, who are diverse and
discerning–architects and designers, homeowners, builders and
developers, and they are right at your finger tips as Nemo has moved their showroom into Center City at 1520 Locust Street, Philadelphia, PA  – 2nd Floor

The Nemo Tile Executive Team.
President Matt Karlin, Showroom Manager Rachel Salomon, and Architecture and
Design Manager Laura Sloane. Guests at the party included many people in the design field, as well as the well heeled Rittenhouse Square dwellers.

Dea Mallin, Professor in the English department

at Community College of Philadelphia, and Rachel Salomon.

This 85-year-old, family-owned Queens resource is favored by DIYers and
professional contractors for its wide selection of European and domestic
brands at reasonable prices.
Bert Karlin, Chairman, Nemo Tile; Mel Saenz, Architectural Sales Dept. Manager

Frank Juranich, Katie Battaglia, Design Director, Nemo Tile; and Mel Saenz, Architectural Sales Dept. Manager
Stormy Lundy, Tamara Myers, and Charlotte Barnard, Marketing Director, Nemo Tile
 Garces Events was the caterer
 Gloria Walker and Stan Davis
Frank Juranich, COO at Nemo Tile Co., Inc and Barry Breitburg,
Manager of Product Procurement at Nemo Tile Company
Jeff Watson and Elaine Battaglia says there’s 6 vacancies for the 2015-16 school year at Temple University School of Medicine student housing complex Carlisle Court.
Wesley Wei (AIA award-winning architect ), Tess Wei, and Rachael Hoffman.
Recently Inga Saffron noted this Wei house on 2400 block of Panama is the prettiest street in the city.

Prize Winner Jolene Mudri,
‎Senior Interior Designer at Stantec

Katie Battaglia, Design Director, Nemo Tile; Bert Karlin, Chairman, Nemo Tile; Mel Saenz, Architectural Sales Dept. Manager. 
Professional tile schlepper, design lover and part time interpreter of sound.
Wendi Furman, Howard Jacobs, and Jane Frankel, Principal The Art of Performance LLC

Ian Michael Crumm, Fashion blogger who’s finishing up his final year at Drexel University and Art Varella, reporter at Al Dia.
Nemo Tile Company is proud of its President, Matthew Karlin, who was honored with a “Rock Star” award this week at ‪#‎Coverings2015‬, in recognition of his role as an emerging leader in tile.

Mike Gagliardi, Principal at Philly Ad Sales and Denise Bosland, automotive sales & service Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News
Karen Schlegel, Michelle Del
Valle, Erica Harmelin
and Kate Ryan.


Jackie Gilletti and Prize Winner Janet Hagan
Stephanie Shepard and Katie Battaglia.
Erica Harmelin and Kate Ryan