Photos: 2015 Run for Clean Air Presented by Toyota Hybrids, Rock Climbing, Victory Beer Garden, Where I Saw Geoff Peirce

2015 Run for Clean Air Presented by Toyota Hybrids
  The events of the day started at 8AM with registration, and stretching.
I ran into a few friends Kathe Archibald and Mike Sheridan
The Run for Clean Air Presented by Toyota Hybrids has something for everyone to enjoy!
  Denise Trembley, Harish Sethu and Lydia Chaudhry on
The Humane League
 Julia Bacon and Syretta Bacon before the 5K race.
 Gisela Negron and Chris Negron hydrate before teh race
 Geanynan Chung, Helene Sisti, and Marisa Wyland
 Toyota Hybrids pace car
 And they’re off
 Olivia Snyder, Karen Maneely and Natacha Vidal had relaxing massages for the runner. They were packed after the race.
  Zach Miller (1st place in 10K), Justin
Simard (2nd Place)

 The kids fun run

Joseph Otis Minott, Esq., Executive Director Clean Air Council, Evan Urbania, Chatterblast was recognized for his company’s efforts to be green, as well as encouraging them to ride their bikes to work.

 Zach Miller (1st place in 10K), Justin
(2nd Place) and Andrew Vanhoogenstyn (3rd Place) These
are the guys who placed in the 10K,
 Katie Edwards, Environmental Health & Waste Project Coordinator/5K Run for Clean Air Director, Carolyn Cicilia (1st place
winner in the 60 – 69 age group.)
 Nick Vanore placed in the 10K.
 Congratulations of EPA Region 3 for raising the most money for a largest corporate group.

Katie Edwards places 
a medal on Patty Smith Gardener as first place winner in the 55 – 60, 5k
After the run a lot of the racers and supporters hung out on the famed Art Museum Steps. It’s there that I spotted a guy doing exercises, shot a few videos/photos and it went viral.
The best part, most every time this story appeared in the media it linked back to my original story where I mentioned that I took the photo at the end of the Clean Air Run. That made me very happy.