Sightings: Taylor Swift, Alicia DiMichele, Big Ang, Barry Manilow, Vance Joy

First of all Happy 4000th post for me! In just one more month I will be celebrating PCC 8th Year of covering Philly Fun, Parties, Celebrity Sightings, and most importantly YOU!! 
Thank YOU!!
I know all week I was tweeting that Taylor Swift would probably stay at the Rittenhouse as she like’s her garages and avoiding the fans outside, but surprisingly she stayed at the Ritz hotel cause just like us the
hotel rate does play a part in where we choose to lay our heads (and her record company makes those decisions.) Here’s
the story and a few other celeb sightings in Philly this weekend. 

Aaahh Taylor Swift, I so adore her as you all know. I couldn’t go this weekend cause it was wedding weekend for one of my friends, but I thought I would swing by the Ritz Hotel to see if I could get a shot. The only time I had to do it was Friday late night. And boy was it a late night. She’s a late nighter, you’ll recall the last time I photographed Taylor Swift she had just had dinner at Ralph’s in South Philly finishing up about 3AM. I told you about the police escort, and the $500 tip she left on the $800 bill (BTW that story popped up in the press again today because another celeb left a big tip somewhere.) Her generosity is legendary, and she is very good to her swifty’s,

which she proved again this weekend meeting fans,

especially the couple of super fans (Katy Harris and Chris Eisenmann ) who were married in the parking lot before the concert, and a young cancer patient who’s meeting was arranged by the famous Dover policeman who sang “Shake It Off”, which basically is what I’ve done since my run in with Swifty’s bodyguard on Friday Night at The Ritz Hotel.

I was waiting for Taylor with a few other fans and photographers. When Taylor’s bodyguard and the rent a security people from the hotel tried to dissuade us from waiting. Going as far as trying to tell us that the sidewalk in front of the Ritz was private property, and the photographing of the said private property. Interesting they said they knew who I was, but I guess they don’t think I know the law is, first of all I was a paralegal for 20 years, secondly I’ve been a paparazzi (as well as that Society Photographer, I wear a couple hats in this City) for 8 years, shooting in NYC for 5 years,

 I know what the law is and missy from the Ritz, it doesn’t seem like you do. Anyway, swifty’s bodyguard saw that we weren’t going to give up gave me a nice body check while at the same time telling me what I was doing was illegal (which BTW we have on video cause TMZ was there.) Unfortunately I was really pissed off that Friday night when right after the incident happened, but looking back on it it’s not a big deal, their job is to intimidate, my job is to get a photo/story and I have one. It’s going to be a long, hot summer, so I thought I’d enlighten the Ritz with my Photo Rights.

What’s amazing is after performing for 100ks over the weekend Taylor Swift flew to California and threw a fabulous baby shower for her friend Jaime King.

I was entertained by one of Taylor Swift’s back up dancers who decided to give us a show after he told us a little about the party.

Until the Dilworth Park security kicked him out.I think you can tell that it must have been some amazing party that Taylor threw in the Linc Parking Lot at Loft 89. The reason the party was in the parking lot was because Taylor’s concert went longer than she expected and the stadium had a midnight curfew, so the party was held outside in the parking lot.


Team Derek greeted Barry Manilow when he arrived in town.