Philadelphia Burger Brawl: The People, The Burgers, The Stories, The Fashion

 Remember the First Burger Brawl in 2011, in the school yard of the Meredith Elementary School to raise funds to buy the school computers;

well the 5th Burger Brawl is light years removed from those days where 17 different chefs competed for the best tasting burger. London Grill won the honors that year. (Best story from that day, the fire department showed up because the neighbors didn’t know where all the smoke was coming from.)

This year the competition was held in Xfinity Live’s parking lot, where nearly 60 chef’s competed for the coveted title and over 4,000 people stopped by to raise money for all of Philadelphia schools. This year a record $208,000 was raised.
 Two of the judges at Burger Brawl: Arthur Etchells, Foobooz and Danya Henninger, Billy Penn
 Tickets were only $35 to attend the event, and eat all the burgers you wanted. By the time I got there at 430PM, a few of the places were out of burgers, but that wasn’t too bad cause I still have 5-6 b4 I killed those stomach growls.
 Rob Wasserman (owner of Rouge and 500º, both of who participated in the event but didn’t compete) co-founder of Burger Brawl with his wife Maggie, and Marc Summers, Food Celebrity.
 Rocky 2

 Anastacia Lyons and Chef Jason Cichonski of Gaslight.

 Blue Duck had the longest line all day long, and
 later went on to win for the 2nd year in a row the audience with their
duck burger with red onion and 1732 brand jalapeno, bacon jam and smoked
Gouda on brioche.

 Near the back of the line for the Blue Duck burger, and still smiling like they just finished it.
 Megan and Kylie with the Village Whiskey Burger (“The VW Frenchy” a beef patty with sauce au poivre, Gruyere, Cabernet grilled onion, and black truffle aioli,) which won the Judges Choice Award.
 A few of my favorite burgers

 Jason Brooke and Jackie Wall of Zavino Hospitality Group and the new wine bar, Tredici.
More photos of tredici here. I hear it’s on schedule for “back to school” time.

 Nick Mezzinna and Fleming Kerr of Misconduct Tavern, look for a mid July opening of their new franchise at 18th and JFK.

 The Team: Tim Reardon, Nick Vadala and Colin Kerrigan, who has the hard task of editing my columns at the prolific news site. Check out Monday’s column, The Young Professionals dance at the Barnes Museum.

 City Tap House with Collin Greiger, Chad Vetter and Laura Pease . Yesterday afternoon I wrote about the PHS/City Tap House pop-up beer garden not happening. These peeps didn’t tell me, I found out about it at the Great Chef’s event, but when I saw them yesterday it reminded me that I didn’t write about it yet. The story goes that the logan square building ie the Bell Atlantic Building, was not in the shape to build it out for a beer garden, the best beer garden. It’ll be ready by next year.

 The unofficial, but com’on people, the next mayor of the great city of Philadelphia, Jim Kenney and his squad: Stephanie Waters, Jane Slusser and Lauren Hill.

 Kristin Johansen, KYW1060

Nicole Viechnicki (Nick’s Roast Beef Old City), Lauren Schneider (Valley Forge Casino Resort), Jon Batista Taylor (Taproom on 19th), Joseph Schultice (Nick’s Roast Beef Old City), Steve Lindabury (BRU), Manuel Luna and Marlo Dilks (P’unk Burger) and Drew Heaton (BRU).
 Village Whiskey
 The Blue Duck with their trophy.
#Selfie Stick
Judges for the event included my pals: Mike Jerrick and Alex Holley, District Attorney Seth Williams, Schools
Superintendent William Hite, Marc Summers, Dei Lynam, Steve Morrison, Casey from Q102, and Marilyn
Russell from BenFM, and food writers Caroline Russock, Danya Henninger and Art