iT’S a bOY: Sabrina Tamburino Thorne and Steve Thorne are proud parents of Baby Savino Thorne

I’m on vacation until Wednesday, but I know Sabrina is due today. I have a feeling that baby Savino Thorne is either here already or is going to be born today.  I photographed Sabs baby shower in May, but it was a crazy busy schedule at the time and I never had a moment to publish the photos that week. I told my one time muse, that I would publish the photos on her mommy day, I think it’s today.

Baby Savino Thorne is named after Sabrina’s beloved Grandfather.

How amazing is this cake?

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 Lots of her friends and family were in attendence.

 I was honored to be the only guy invited, but I couldn’t stay long as I had another gig.
 Sharon Pinkenson and Hope Cohen hang on the 10 Rittenhouse Terrace enjoying lunch.

 The proud grandmother, Carol Tamburino, will surely be swooping in to take baby Savino on trips Auntie Mame like.

 Colette Gabriel was the event planner for the soiree, here with daughter
Juliet Gabriel

Canolli’s and cake from Isgro’s

 Sabrina Thorne and step daughter Julie Thorne

The theme was blue

Savino and mommy