Stevie Wonder #AWonderMoment at #DilworthPark Performs and Pays Tribute to Friend who Drown in Schuylkill Saturday

Stevie Wonder popped up in Philly at Dilworth Park a little after 3 p.m. on a hot day in Philadelphia day, but the nearly 1,000 fans gathered didn’t seem to mind.

The stage was set at the south end of Dilworth Park, which I thought was interesting as there is the Septa elevator blocking the direct sight line of the stage, but it worked.

The fans filled in stage right to enjoy the concert
The press pen was roomy and allowed the press to capture Stevie and the crowd from many angles
Mayor Nutter arrives at the concert and warmly greets legendary DJ Patty Jackson, as Michelle Shannon, from the Center City District looks on. 
Mayor Nutter and Patty Jackson
I caught Jazmine Sullivan backstage. She told Mike & Alex on Fox 29 today, that she was there to listen to the great Stevie Wonder, and was surprised when he called her up on stage later.
Stevie Wonder arrives to a sea of cell phones

He greeted the crowd, but it was a somber day for him as he told the audience that a friend had drown in the Schuylkill on Sunday. He gave a shout out to the crowd, Patty Jackson later told me that it was Michael Sembello’s brother. Sembello has worked with Stevie, Diana and Michael Jackson, but you might know him, if you are of a certain age, as the guy who sang Maniac in the movie Flashdance.

 A shot from the Graham Building.

 I think if the stage was just a tad smaller it can be moved to the right and have better sight lines. How great it would be to have “concerts” there like they do in Bryant Park, especially every Thursday when they have Broadway musicals come and perform at lunch time. #TwoCents

There was a few mic problems in the beginning, but about 3 minutes in someone gave him a new one after he asked and people could hear him all the way in the back and inside City Hall, cause I don’t think those ladies would have been clapping at the end of the songs if they didn’t know it was the end of the song. I was annoyed cause when I was out and about last night people kept saying to me people not in the front couldn’t hear, I was privileged to be up front, but I checked twitter and seems that a lot of people were grooving in all sections of Dilworth Park.

After doing a few instrumentals Stevie began singing some of his most popular hits and everyone sang along

Including these peeps sitting in the windows of City Hall
There was dancing too, lots of dancing. Wait til you see my video at the bottom where I film and dance a bit.
Jazmine Sullivan performs with Stevie Wonder at Dilworth Park.

Mayor Nutter groves

Not sure if you can see but Jazmine Sullivan has a phone in her hands as she told Mike and Alex she wasnt planning to sing with the legend, she was nervous and forgot the words. She read them from her phone.
In the zone

With his one of a kind voice and flare on the piano the legendary Stevie
Wonder took center stage at Dilworth Park for a pop up
concert promoting his “Songs in the Key of Life Tour” which kicks off this fall and visits Philly again 10/07 – Philadelphia, PA @ Wells Fargo Center. Between sets Stevie also talked about issues that affect us all, stressing that we need to love one another more.

Here’s Stevie’s assistant, he and Stevie communicated via hidden mic/hearing pieces. At one point the end of the concert seemed to be near, but Stevie told him I’m going to do one more song for Philly. He performed at least 6 songs total in an hour, which was 2 more than he did in DC. 
Mr Wonderful walks back to his car, stopping for fans and waving. He was headed to NYC where he performed for ninety minutes in Central Park. It was a great concert, by the time he got to NYC his smile returned to his soul and he gave it his all. Check out the pixs there.