Philadelphia Diner en Blanc – The Rest of The Photos

 As one of the photographers that shot Diner en Blanc for the past four years, I am in awe of the producers of the show, two women and a small army of volunteers. Philadelphia Diner en Blanc organizers Natanya DiBona (left) and Kayli Moran attended the Montreal Diner en Blanc, 5 years ago and thought what a great idea, let’s see if we can bring it to Philly. They did, and it’s become one of the most successful of the diner’s held around the country. 4,500 people signed up to participate in the event this year, and yes there was 30,000 on the wait list. That is amazing, especially since folks have to bring all their own stuff to the dinner, and carry back home too. But as the ‘rents always told us, hard work results in great rewards. Great memories are made during Diner en Blanc, as well as great friendships, even relationships and a handful of engagements.

It’s one of the best events the City has ever held, and I really wish everyone who wanted to go could get in. Hopefully someday you will. If you don’t see you’re photo here or in my other online columns, there’s still hope. I will be doing a column for Philly Mag that will go directly in the magazine.

From its French tradition, Diner en Blanc
has been celebrating it’s pop up dinner for four years now, with each passing year it grows.

 This year 4500 people dressed in white met
throughout the city of Philadelphia; they were then transported to a
“secret location”, the Navy Yard via public transportation (which is
paid by the hosts) or were bussed to the Diner en Blanc
location among the Navy Ships.

 A parade of white crosses Broad Street after exiting the subway

  Guests were in a jovial mood despite the mile long walk, and drizzle

 Christal Watson leads the parade of people
 Jason and Rachel Cevera set up their table. The tables have to be a specific size, as everything is laid out beforehand as to fit 4500 as comfortably as possible.
 Sharon Sample
Cookie Augstandt-Simpson
White outfits included tuxedos and gowns and groups of friends who wore white masks, flapper dresses, wedding gowns and  even bunny
ears.Many people wore hats which was apropo for the rain.

 The waving of the napkins signifies the start of dinner

Guests either brought their own meals or ordered from one of the caterers Luke Palladino,

 Founder François Pasquier, 69, started the first diner en blanc of which he held in 1988
with friends who dressed in white so that they could spot each other at
the Bois de Boulogne park in Paris.
Jamie Gordon

 Sparklers were lit to signify the end of dinner beginning of dancing


 The judges confer on best dressed – Jennifer Burks and Kurt Souder of Weft, Justin Jeffers of The Fine Young Gentleman and Sabir Peele, GQ Style Ambassador and founder of Men’s Style Pro

Eat your heart out P Diddy, who used to hold the White Party in the Hampton s every August

Thanks to Philadelphia Diner en Blanc organizers Natanya DiBona (left) and Kayli Moran for bringing diner en blanc to Philly so we could enjoy the Ultimate Summer White Party.

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