“The Mac Fund” with Clare and Steve Morrison

On Thursday, August 20th fans and friends gathered in support of Clare
of Steve Morrison’s 501(c) charity “The Mac Fund” (at the Cat Shack) at
Kildare’s Pub in Manayunk. You may have heard Steve Morrison mention
on-air that he and his wife rescue and foster cats and have done so for
nearly 20-years. Their cat  “Mac” was their very first rescue and after
losing him 2-years ago, they wanted to do something special in his
memory. They currently have a house full of their own rescues (8) along
with a Mom and kittens they are fostering.

 When Clare Morrison met the folks at the Cat Shack she felt very
strongly about supporting their Trap/Neuter/Replace program was the
right fit for the Mac Fund. This will ultimately help with reduction of
feral cat colonies in our area and help reduce the cat-overpopulation
problem. Clare was particularly impressed with the fact that The Cat
Shack wanted to match her original seed money ($10,000) and fully
realized their commitment. Their philosophies were very much in-sync and
she was certain together they could take the TNR program to the next

 “Steve and I would like to thank everyone who helped make the official
Kick-Off of the Mac Fund such a huge success – a nearly sold-out crowd
and raised nearly $6,500 – our expectations were exceeded beyond belief.
The generosity of our friends and the community is humbling. Hopefully
this is the first of many fundraisers that will help bring much needed
funds and awareness to a very underserved part of the animal rescue
world…thanks to everyone and Steve and I hope to see you next year!!”

Clare Morrison

 Matt Cord, Mike Fox, Clare and Steve Morrison
Dr. Mike, Marilyn Russell, Matt Cord, Steve Morrison, guest and Casey
Photos by: Alison Dunlap
Lovely Copy by Marilyn Russell