I Nearly Ate My Way Through Bud & Marilyn’s Menu – Pixs & Thoughts & Menu

Over the past two days I had dinner at the new Marcie Turney and Val Safran restaurant Bud & Marilyn’s in Midtown. The restaurant is named after Marcie’s grandparents Bud and Marilyn Briese, who had an eatery in Wisconsin and it is fabulous.

One of my friends said Bud & Marilyn’s captures the era much better than other restaurants that have tried to replicate this era because

Marcie and Val painstakingly picked out every item in the new eatery, including tracking down the of the material used in Marcie’s grandparents restaurant.

Opening night I attended with 7 of my friends who loved the cocktails. We all had the Pork and Pickles shareable. It was delicious. It’s a great dish to have while at the bar too. $16

The Crispy Cheese Curds were also delicious. $8

Warm Skillet Bread with caramelized onion, corn, cheddar, crispy potato skin with labneh butter. This dish can be made vegetarian. $7 We had it both nights, it was delicious.

Marilyn’s fried Chicken, with warm biscuits, zucchini pickles, salted honey butter, house made sauce, (1/2 bird) $18 . Everyone loved it, I think I need to try it again. I’m spoiled with City Tap House’s Fried Chicken. Unfortunately they only serve it at brunch on the weekend.
Fontina & Chard Stuff Meatloaf, with mashed potatoes, royal trumpet mushroom gravy, peas & carrots $22 – Delicious
A delicious dish: Justin Pizzi is holding Seared Sea Scallops, with corn & zucchini succotash, shelling beans, castle valley corn cakes with smoked orange dressing $26. By the time I posted this photo this dish was consumed by my friends. Sad face.
Pastry chef Kristen Moorer with some of her tasty treats. I LOVED the Carrot Cake, I didn’t have the Malt Ball cake, but it looks great. I love the name Funfetti, it’s so fun. It was good, not overwhelming sweet my friends said.

CHEESE & CRACKERS ………………………….. ………………………….. …….. $14 rogue smoky blue + hazelnut honey  (cow ’s milk) landaff cheddar + huckleberry jam  (raw cow’s milk) savah schaff pecorino + bourbon apple butter  (raw sheep  milk) –  

NASHVILLE HOT BUN S hot fried chicken,  little  pickles, ranch, pickle brine slaw $10


CHOP SUEY pork belly,  country ham fried rice, summer veggies,  fried farm egg, funky kohlrabi & cabbage ** ……………………… $12
B&M KIELBASA horseradish – potato pierogie’s,  caper  brown  butter, cabbage – kohlrabi slaw, Bud’s Best beer mustard $16 – OMG DELICIOUS!!
I had the
SHORTRIB STROGANOFF wild mushrooms, olorosso, hand cut egg noodles,  english peas, horseradish crème fraiche $18. I loved the shortrib.

The Fat Elvis – OMG Elvis Lives
Last night they added a brownie to the dish, for you chocolate lovers you’re going to love it.
super clever, and so pretty
The slices are big
When I was there the 2nd night I met at least 6 people that told me they had come in after seeing my social media photos from the night before, including this nice guy Noah Webster, who loved the place. T


Executive Chef Marcie Turney and Chef Quincy Logan

Can’t wait for the late night menu to start

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