#HarryStyles and his new BFF Xander Ritz Hung out in the Latter’s Hometown Since Sunday

UPDATE 2019: Why Was Harry Styles in Philly over the Weekend…New Story

The rumors are true (Update: I don’t know why the photos disappeared but if you click on them they appear. Probably because I updated from blogger to wordpress about a year ago.)

Harry was at Baskin Robbins on Sunday night. A reader sent me this photo, and I kinda didn’t think it was possible but as I am suffering from caffeine and carb withdraw this week I should have believed my reliable tipster. Harry was at the Baskin Robbins in Wayne with his “new” friend Zander. New as in they met sometime in the spring and have been inseparable.
Then last night he stopped in Campus Corner at Villanova. Zander Ritz, his new bff since spring, his from Radnor, Pa. His dad is a dentist in town and
 we have 7 mutual friends on FB. He’s cute.
He’s kinda a local sports celeb too, very accomplished, playing lacrosse in high school with his brother Max. Then both headed to Maryland to lead their team to championships there too. There was an article about them in the Inky in 2006
Zander has a successful e commerce biz in NYC, and a new super star friend who’s at ease hanging with his bud in his hometown and meeting his friends.  He was not checking out Villanova, Ritz is from Radnor.
Harry was cool posing with fans, while his stalker fans combed the area for a glimpse of him. At one point fans thought he was at the Radnor Hotel, but that was not the case the police said when they showed up and asked the fans to leave.

This is the length some of the fans go to to get a glimpse of their idol. Eventually this gal did get a photo with Harry.

This fans mom told her now she could be naked with Harry as she gifted her with a shower curtain with a shot of Harry the fan tool.

So it’s true Harry was on the Mainline for the past two nights, the rest of the band stayed in NYC and went clubbing. It’s rumored they will travel directly to the stadium from NYC for the sound check at 3PM, then stay there for the concert tonight. Heading back to NYC for a concert on 9/3. As for Harry, I’m not sure what he’s going to do.

Here’s a shot someone says is him leaving the leafy neighborhood where he spent last night. Is he headed to the Linc, or to the hotel where is manager & tour director are staying. I’ll find out. Follow me on twitter @iphillyChitChat and at Instagram PhillychitChat