Scenes from #MadeInAmerica Philly’s Burning Man but much better cause we had #BEYONCE

Saturday (Sept. 5) kicked off the 4th Annual Budweiser “Made in America” music
festival. The Jay-Z and Steve Stout founded and curated event on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, this past weekend, and for nearly 10 hours each day
attendees were entertained by various performances from hip hop,
R&B, rock, pop and EDM artists.

 It was a huge success, it sold out after the headliners were listed but before the schedule was announced. Here’s a shot of the festival grounds during the Meek Mill set at 630PM Saturday Night

As is with the Burning Man Festival (which is a gathering of colorful people to enjoy music and be one with the earth, every last week of “summer”  in the dessert of Black Rock City), 

Made In America attracts an equally colorful audience to gathered to enjoy musical acts from headliners, to up and coming headliners to shaking our heads liners. 

The Rocky stage this year was still an inspiration of the flag, but there was no commercialism attached to it, no Budweiser or Made In America logos as was in years gone by.


 This year’s line up was interesting too, lots of rappers on the main stages, singing lyrics that you don’t want your kids to be singing.
I can understand one song maybe, but song after song of mutha fu*king bitch, is really lame. Ok that being said the festival was great. Laid out very nicely again, every year they tweak it a little more and it just gets better/ There were lots of things to do, it’s a safe atmosphere, there’s officials every where looking for hot spots, and although I did see a few people get blasted most folks were there to just have a good time with friends and enjoy it.
Vic Mensa performed for the crowd on the Rocky Stage. Later that night he was spotted on South Street enjoying a cheese steak. In the background is my condo building. The powers to be there had the city inspector out checking out the decibals on our front driveway, for the most part it was below 85 all day long. I know hard to believe but the organizers worked with the neighborhood and made sure the speakers faced inward.
There was a lot of love going around

The weather was perfect this year, but without significant rain for awhile the grounds became downright dusty, but no one seemed to mind and adjusted to the dust storm

Wearing handkerchiefs to cover their mouths and noses

These Bud viewing platforms were new this year and you could see 3 different stages from this vantage point, Liberty Stage, Rocky Stage and the new Tidal Stage. Freedom Stage was where the EDM acts were and a bit on the side near Park Town Apartments.
 Fabulous was fabulous. Philly’s Kevin Hart introduced him via video and he did a set with Philly rapper Freeway. It’s great to see so many Philly singers presented at MIA

 The food this year was outstanding, and varied. Prices for reasonable with my meals under $10.
 The Parkway was also lined with food trucks. Mama’s Ball’s sold over 2000 sandwiches. Cow and Curd did well too. There were smiles all around at the end of the night.
I also saw the Empire bus there. Fans of the show auditioned for a chance to sing on the show. You can also enter online
 Throughout the weekend I saw kids collecting cans and bottles for recycling and swag from the Budweiser store.
Did I mention the love at the festival?

Nick Jonas delivered to his fans. The night before he ate at Parc restaurant on Rittenhouse Square, first table to the left of the door, outside on the sidewalk enjoying a late night dinner. As Beyonce and JayZ celebrated Bey’s birthday at Barclay Prime about 10PM.
 Beyonce getting into her Mercedes limo at the Rittenhouse Hotel about 7PM Friday night. She headed to the MIA grounds for a sound check as JayZ and Blue Ivy headed to Tulala’s Garden for dinner with grandmom carter.
 The cause tents at MIA festival. Proceeds from the concert went to the local United Way. Thanks to them they allowed me to hand out tickets for the concert to 4 of my readers.
 The number two cause of millennials after cancer, get Yeezy elected in 2020
#Selfie Time
G Eazy

At times it was difficult to navigate the crowds
Big Rube greeting Fabulous back stage.
 VIP Hammocks
There’s a lot of style going on in this shot


A photographer back stage going from the press tent to the Rocky Stage to shoot an act.

That outfit on the left is too too much fun

 Beyonce Time
Beyonce and her dancers make their way down the Art Museum Stairs from their dressing rooms. 
The stairs made famous and nicknamed The Rocky Stairs will now be christened Queen Bey Stairs. (Note Queen Bey’s black Mercedes Limo is at the top of the photo.)
 No photographers were allowed in the pit to shoot Beyonce as she always just has her house photographer. Her set was sexy, sensual and about women empowerment.
She sang many of her current hits from 7/11
I love the Beyonce style of dancing. She’s just amazing.
Watch Jay Z and Nick Jonas rock out to Beyonce. You can see Bradley Cooper’s white Eagles hat too
Sadly there wasn’t too many ladies on the bill this year, it’s mind bongling that JayZ protege Rihanna has never appeared at Made In America. But we did have a few fabulous gals like Santigold, who looked adorable on stage
Marian Hill performed on the Skate Stage is an American songwriting duo from Philadelphia, made up of production expert Jeremy Lloyd and vocalist Samantha Gongol, debuting in 2013 with their first EP ‘Play’. In 2015, they released the album ‘Sway’.
There was plenty of water available for guests, but unfortunately not for the folks who were front row for hours on end to watch their fav singer from well the hot as hell front row. By night time people were passing out left and right. When your in that crowd, even half way back, it can be a bitch to work your way out of that situation. So many times people would pass out and the crowd would just lift their bodies and carry them forward as if they were crowd surfing. It was kinda emotional to see. So I don’t think it is ever a good suggestion to wait in the front row, plus you’ll miss the festival.
 The front row for J Cole
 J Cole takes the Rocky Stage

 Philly’s Hop Along on the Skateboard Stage 

  The Weekndwas fantastic, I still can’t feel my face.
 The crowds in Fairmount outside the gates
 The festival crowds Sunday night (Photo by Mike Toub)
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