Madonna at Wells Fargo – The Pope Has A Crush On Me, While Complaining Philly Fans Didn’t Adore Her Enough

Thanks to Marilyn Russell and Live Nation for the invite to see my 4th Madonna concert. It’s always an experience. I remember going to my first Madonna concert in 1986, The Virgin Tour. Always controversial that Madonna.

 She had just come off of the MTV Music Awards and at that time the most controversial thing ever done, rolling around on the stage in a virginal white wedding dress. That act made headlines around the world. Of course she would go on to out do, and out rage people for the rest of her career. But more on that later…

I think it started with Madonna that fans dressed as their favorite artist while attending their concert. It wasn’t as Halloweeny as last night seemed to be, maybe because the garb worn isn’t something someone would wear everyday. Back in 1985 Madonna influenced a lot of kids to wear ripped shirts, large crucifixes and an armful of black rubber bracelets. I remember getting a warning at my job as a busboy at Winston’s for wearing them. They made me take on 20 but allowed me to wear a conservative 5.  Above is Marilyn Russell with a few fans. i saw several Pope’s in the crowd so maybe we have that to look forward to this weekend.

Rebel Heart is on sale now, it’s a good buy. It’s no Like A Prayer, but then again it’s no Bedtime Story either – Thank GOD!
These two are magnificent.

Congrats to these fans who won tickets from BenFM 95.7
I ran into my bud Jenny DeHuff, Philly Daily News Gossip Girl. I also saw Victor Firillo from PhillyMag and

Marisa Magnatta, and her dad. It was Marisa and Marilyn’s first time seeing Madonna. I don’t think it was her Uncle George’s first time. He knew all the Madonna songs, and was dancing along with the rest of us.

Then her Madgesty took the stage at 945PM, YES 945PM. Geez girl. Anyway Madonna at 57 with her 13th Studio album still packs them in at the Wells Fargo
Looking flawless at 57, with moves of a 20 year old. Amazing body, and her voice is mature and smooth. Not like in her first tour where you could hear her speaking voice.

Definitely my favorite outfit of the night singing Like a Virgin of course.

The Beyonce effect.

Madonna sucks. If she mentioned one more time how the Philly fans were unenthusiastic, then she doesn’t understand her fan base and our week. Most of us could have gone on a 4 day vacation and eaten the cost of her ticket, as some people obviously did. All of us have Pope fatigue. 

Vintage Madonna. She sang one of two of my favorite songs:
Love Don’t Live Here Anymore and Deeper and Deeper. My party songs of the 80s. The first was for my pity party, the 2nd for my getting turnt up party. She also did amazing reworks of True Blue, Lucky Star, Like A Virgin, Vogue and Material Girl. Better than on any other tour. Now for the not so hot.

Madonna sex on the last supper alter, it’s controversial like you like it, but why do you have to sing “Jesus Loves My Pussy Best!” I feel like I need to be immersed in Holy Water after hearing this song a 2nd time. I never downloaded it after hearing it the first time. Why can’t you just rely on your talent and other nice songs like True Blue, Cherish or even Like A Pray. It’s sad you think it’s ok to sing those words considering you take your religion so seriously. Glad your proud of your excommunication from the Church. We don;t need the Church to validate us as good people, but common decency goes a long way.

Madonna surprisingly sings La Vie en Rose at her concert. Kinda redundant since that’s the song Lady Gaga has been singing on her last tour this past summer, where she dedicates it to her parents and sister.

I found a video on Youtube comparing the two. Why Madonna would sing this song is baffling. She is obviously obsessed with Lady Gaga. It doesn’t make me love her less, it just is disappointing. I know a million other singers have sung this tune, Grace Jones being the best besides Edith Piaf, it’s just right after Lady Gaga popularized it. That’s a shot across the bow.

The seats were fabulous. The problem with the Rebel Heart concert was she used too many elements and themes from the Like A Prayer tour. It’s been done Madonna, the beds, the masturbation, the sex with religious objects, you are better than this. Love your biggest fan, no really I am but we’re all flawed. And that Jesus comment, I feel she used that because all the rappers have the market on offensive words. Madonna needed to one up them. She’s an Icon, this just soils her.

As for the Pope, he followed her to NYC and now he’ll be in Philly this weekend. He’s obsessed with her. She did say he’s the nicest Pope yet.

On a lighter note, sorry my pixs aren’t pristine.  I must read my new phone’s instructions for better photos. Mike has and his photos are amazing. Happy Pope Weekend.