Final Favorite Pope Photos that weren’t Put on Social Media

A few of my favorite photos from the pope weekend
Ospreys and the Pope’s helicopter flying over the City
A rainbow appears over the Parkway
Leaders of the World Meeting of Families and Mayor Nutter
A gift for his holiness
Jane Golden, Executive Director of Mural Arts helps families paint
Donna Crilley Farrell, Executive Director, World Meeting of Families and Mayor Michael Nutter cutting the ribbon for the World Meeting of Families Film Festival at the Kimmel Center.

One of my fav shots. These football players were playing ball when this kid sad “Priests dont play football.” The priest on the left got down to his level and connected the love of football with the love of Jesus Christ and team spirit. It was really cute.
A child at the Knotted Grotto at the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter & Paul

Openly gay Judge Dan Anders outside St. John’s where St. Maria Goretti relics were on display
Mark Wahlberg arrives at the Kimmel Center for the World Meeting of Families Film Festival showing of Invincible the story of Vince Papale
Mark Wahlberg and Vince Papale introduce the Invincible where Wahlberg played Papale during the years he played on the Philadelphia Eagles
Pope Francis says mass at Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter & Paul Saturday morning.

A family during the “sign of peace”
Philly Metro September 29, 2015

A nun watching the mass on a closed circuit tv in the Basilica. It was sad that the nuns were relegated to the sides of the church,
 whereas the Priest, Deacons and VIPs sat in the center pews.

Waiting for the Pope Mobile Parade

It was a long wait
and dark when he finally made is rounds
Logan Cafe at Sister’s Cities did a brisk business. Sweetbox cupcakes didn’t mark up their tweets from their normal prices, which was sweet.
The Pope during the concert Saturday night.

Sunday locking up the bikes in Fairmount
There’s Adam Josephs from 6ABC
The flock

Pouring into the grounds

Spring Garden

Running late, Kory and I took a pedicab. This guy had his work cut out for him. He was from Pittsburgh, Pa and his company set up business in Philly. Where were the Philly pedicabs, did they go on a #popecation like the rest of the residents?
We’re from Michigan and are popped

Comcast simulcast

Top of the Tower

Pilgrims invited to the Top of the Tower to enjoy the view of the mass, a bite to eat and a place to sit.

Metro Philly Monday September27, 2015. A few people took this photo to task saying it shows that 800ks didn’t attend.

What they didn’t understand was no one was allowed to stand in the street below 20th Street.

Where were the people, sadly thousands of people were standing in line to get onto the Parkway,

as well as watching Jumbotrons all over the City.

Back to the mass, here are priests giving communion to the masses watching a jumbotron at 17th and the Parkway
Ironic some of the folks who complained Philly would be shut roads down, now want to do something like that once a year. Great idea, but what about someone who goes into labor?

 I’ll miss the sounds of silence

Photos taken at the Top of the Tower

I headed to Whole Foods for dinner with my friend Kristen Johanson, KYW106 to recap the weekend and saw these pilgrims.

Sisters City Park Monday afternoon. The Melendez family from Mexico take one last photo before heading home.

The End
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