FAB Friends Try out The Sculpt Fitness Studio Megaformer

Last week I was invited to check out Sculpt Fitness Studio with a few of my friends. I decided to watch and shoot them as they did their 50-minute Megaformer workout involving.

The workout uses constant tension and full-body controlled movements all done on the Megaformer machine.

Clients work each muscle group slowly to fatigue with almost no impact on the joints or spine, strictly focusing on the muscles themselves

Stephanie Tolar, owner of Sculpt Fitness Studio, understands that their small classes can be intimidating, especially for those new to the Megaformer machine. That’s why Sculpt Fitness studio offers a Megaformer 101 introductory class for those who want to get comfortable with the machine before jumping into a 50-minute class.

Sculpt Fitness Studio offers clients something this city has been waiting for, personalized interaction and attention in a beautiful studio setting. “Instead of being one of 50 you are one of 10.”

“People in Philadelphia who are looking for something different to take their workout up a notch, Sculpt Fitness Studio is it.”

Sculpt Fitness Studio in Northern Liberties is the only place in center city that you  can get the Megaformer workout and Tolar has plans for expansion in the future. Sculpt’s Northern Liberties location is inside The Piazza with free parking behind   the studio.

“The best way to describe the workout is a Total Gym with the intensity turned  way up. The Lagree Fitness Method and machines are in a class by itself now   used by celebrities from Sofia Vergara to Michelle Obama. Keep an eye on their October schedule as they plan to launch a few new class  options in addition to the Megaformer 101 class. The First Class is $15, each additional class $25 or less with packages.
Welcome Sculpt Fitness Studio to Philly Chit Chat as an advertiser.